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Top Docs Winner Tampa 2021 American Society of Plastic Surgeons Logo Fellow of Amercian College of Surgeons Logo RealSelf Logo American Board of Plastic Surgery Logo American Association for Accreditation
of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Logo Vitals Logo Gold Winner – chosen by the people for 2021 – Best Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon

Four Dermal Fillers and When to Use Them

The makers of Juvederm have a number of dermal fillers available for reversing the signs of aging. If you have not used dermal fillers before, you might be wondering which dermal filler is right for you. This month we have four dermal fillers on special. To take advantage of this offer, read on to learn… Continue Reading arrow

The Difference of Juvederm Ultra Plus

There are a lot of dermal fillers available on the market, but if you are combating severe lines, wrinkles, or facial folds, Juvederm Ultra Plus is usually the best option. This unique dermal filler is the only FDA-approved treatment for severe wrinkles and facial folds. While other dermal fillers work well for mild to moderate… Continue Reading arrow

What You Should Know About PRP Anti-Aging Injections

There have been a lot of advancements in anti-aging treatments in the last few years, and one of the most popular treatments is PRP anti-aging injections. PRP is not a dermal filler like Juvederm or a neurotoxin like Botox and Dysport. Instead, it is an all-natural injection that is derived from your own blood. Here’s… Continue Reading arrow

Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know About Recovery

Breast augmentation is actually a fairly common cosmetic procedure. Tens of thousands of women have breast augmentation each year in the United States. With a procedure this common, it is natural to assume that recovery will be fairly straightforward. However, there are some things you should know about recovery from breast augmentation before you undergo… Continue Reading arrow

Belotero: Your First Dermal Filler

Have you begun to notice the signs of aging? Have fine lines appeared around your lips, eyes, or between your brows? These fine lines are often the first signs that you have entered mature adulthood. There are a lot of dermal fillers available for erasing these signs of aging, but for those who are just… Continue Reading arrow

When to Combine a Brow Lift with Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are often considered the window to the soul. It is considered respectful and quite normal to look into someone’s eyes when you are speaking with them. For both of these reasons, your eyes may be the first thing that someone notices. If your eyes appear closed, tired, or drooping, it can make you… Continue Reading arrow

3 Cosmetic Procedures After Extreme Weight Loss

For someone who has struggled for years with their weight, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing that goal weight on the scale. Yet even if you reach your goal weight, you may not have the body that you envisioned. There are three primary areas of the body that can be very difficult to firm… Continue Reading arrow

3 Reasons for Male Breast Reduction

There are at least a hundred jokes on the internet and in comedy about man boobs. But for men who have gynecomastia it is no laughing matter. Gynecomastia is the clinical name for the condition that causes men to develop breast tissue. It is typically caused by an imbalance in hormones, although weight gain and… Continue Reading arrow

Not Just For Your Face: Radiesse for Younger Hands

Radiesse is one of the most popular dermal fillers for the face. This amazing dermal filler replaces lost volume and rejuvenates the skin. Recently, the FDA approved Radiesse for use in hand augmentation. Your hands can often make you appear older than you are, especially if you have boniness, bulges, or discoloration to the skin.… Continue Reading arrow

Most Common Target Areas for Body Contouring

Body contouring can help you get the look that you desire. With body contouring, you will be able to look your best both in and out of your favorite clothing. There are several different procedures that fall under body contouring, but there are a few common target areas that are more popular than others. Here… Continue Reading arrow

Body Contouring: What It Is and How It Can Help You

Body contouring encompasses a large amount of cosmetic surgery procedures. There are many different reasons that you might undergo body contouring, but the most common reasons are weight loss and childbirth. Learn more about what body contouring is and how it can benefit you. What is Body Contouring? Body contouring is any cosmetic surgical procedure… Continue Reading arrow

3 Reasons Not to Wait on Your Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner, and you want to make sure you look and feel your best for summer outings at the beach, an afternoon at the poolside, or special events. Now is the time to think about how you want your summer body to look. Whether you want firmer breasts or a flatter… Continue Reading arrow

The Best Reasons for Breast Augmentation

Have you considered breast augmentation surgery? There are many good reasons to undergo this procedure. Whether you want to improve your appearance, boost your self-confidence, or look amazing in your swimsuit, everyone has their own reasons for having breast augmentation. Consider these common ways in which breast augmentation can improve your quality of life. Continue Reading arrow

Things to Consider Before Your Breast Augmentation

Having breast augmentation surgery is a big decision, and there are a lot of things to consider before you choose to undergo this procedure. Your plastic surgeon can help you make many of the necessary decisions such as implant type, size, and shape, as well as incision and implant placement. However, there are some things… Continue Reading arrow

Sculptra Long-Lasting Results: Everything You Need to Know

One of the things that most women can agree on is that the effects of aging can and should be combatted. There are a lot of different ways you can help yourself look younger, some surgical and some not. One of the best options you have for long-lasting results without surgery is Sculptra. Sculptra is… Continue Reading arrow

Breast Augmentation and Implants: What You Need to Know

Breast Enhancement for size, correction or symmetry is an important decision, but selecting the right implant to give you the best result is critical.  In order to make an informed decision, it is important to understand the different types of implants. This basic guide will answer some of your questions, but a consultation in our… Continue Reading arrow

Brow Lift with Upper Eyelid Surgery In Combination for the Best Results

One of the signs of aging is the drooping of the eyes. As your brow drops down and the skin on your eyelids loses its elasticity and strength, your eyes can appear closed or squinting even when you try to open them to their widest. If you are experiencing this closing up of the eyes,… Continue Reading arrow

Restylane Refyne, Defyne, and Lyft: What You Need to Know

When it comes to dermal fillers, the newest line is Restylane. Restylane is a different type of filler with a different goal in mind. As you age, wrinkles and folds occur. Tightening the skin can help eliminate these lines and wrinkles, but often the cause of them is volume loss in the cheeks and jawline.… Continue Reading arrow

Saline vs. Silicone: Choosing the Right Implants

If you are considering a breast augmentation, you may be confused about which implants you should choose. There are advantages and disadvantages to silicone and saline implants. While you should discuss your options with your doctor, there is some basic information that you need to know going in so you can make an informed decision. Continue Reading arrow

Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know

If you feel that your breasts could be perkier, rounder, or larger, you may be considering surgical measures. It is important to understand the difference between a breast lift and a breast augmentation before undergoing either procedure. In some cases, a breast lift is more desirable than augmentation. A breast lift is also sometimes required… Continue Reading arrow

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing and How Does It Work

Are you unhappy with your complexion? Laser skin resurfacing is one option that you have to restore the youthful appearance of your skin. This procedure can help eliminate fine lines and moderate wrinkles, as well as tighten the skin and reverse sun damage. Before jumping in, here are the facts about laser skin resurfacing. Continue Reading arrow

When an Arm or Thigh Lift Should Be Considered

Losing weight can be a transformation, but sometimes it doesn’t give you the results you were expecting. Whether you have undergone weight loss surgery or worked hard to lose a significant amount of weight, you may have areas of your body that you are not happy with. Toning exercises may be enough to give you… Continue Reading arrow

What is Gynecomastia and What to Do About it

It is a common misconception among women that men are not self-conscious about their appearance. Men can be emotionally and psychologically harmed by changes in their appearance that they cannot control. Like women, men can and should take control of their appearance so they can look and feel their best. What is Gynecomastia? One of… Continue Reading arrow

3 Reasons to Make an Appointment for a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an option many women consider when they want a fuller profile. The number of people in this country who turn to this surgery is climbing annually. It increased three percent from 2016 to 2017. Breast augmentation was the most common cosmetic surgery performed in 2017, with a total of 300,378 procedures completed.… Continue Reading arrow

Top Reasons to Choose Restylane Filler for a Youthful Look

If you are unhappy with how you look, you may have considered plastic surgery to regain your youthful appearance. However, you can regain quite a bit of youth simply through injections. One such injection, Restylane, gives your face a fuller, more youthful appearance while also smoothing out laugh and frown lines. There are a few… Continue Reading arrow

What You Need to Do to Prepare For Your Liposuction Treatment

Burning off unwanted fat isn’t easy, especially in trouble spots like the abdomen, love handles, buttocks, and arms. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you might be struggling to contour your body. Fortunately, a treatment like liposuction can help. Liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of your body by removing excess fat deposits.… Continue Reading arrow

Put a Little Spice Back In Your Life: Exploring the O-Shot

If you’ve noticed that sexual satisfaction no longer seems within your reach, you aren’t alone! Nearly half of all women have difficulty achieving orgasm, but very few are willing to speak up about the problem. If you want to put a little spice back in your sex life naturally, the PRP O-Shot is your answer.… Continue Reading arrow

Ditch the Turkey Neck Before Turkey Day: What You Need to Know About Kybella

If you have a gobbler on Thanksgiving, it should be the one on your plate next to the cranberry sauce and stuffing, not under your chin. Millions of Americans have extra fat under their chin, often called the “double chin” or submental fullness. Even healthy people at their optimum weight can suffer from unwanted fullness… Continue Reading arrow

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Breast Implant Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise but it’s no surprise that Breast Augmentation is still the #1 cosmetic procedure.  Many women of all ages decide to undergo breast implant surgery for various reason but most often to help them feel more confident and attractive. If you are considering a breast augmentation, these five facts will… Continue Reading arrow

How to Get the Best Tummy Tuck Results

The stomach is one of the most difficult areas on the body to tighten and tone naturally, especially after pregnancy, significant weight loss, and aging. If you want a slimmer stomach with attractive contours, but exercise and eating healthy just aren’t enough, a tummy tuck could be your ideal solution. Use the following tips to… Continue Reading arrow

Important Questions to Ask During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Just like buying a car or finding a new house, undergoing plastic surgery is a serious decision that requires preparation. The skills and expertise of your plastic surgeon will heavily influence the outcome of your surgery, so you need to use your consultation to ask all of the right questions. The following list of consultation… Continue Reading arrow

Obsessed with Full Lips? These are the Best Fillers for Your Lips

If you love full lips, you know exactly which friends and celebrities have the plump pout that you wish you had. Thanks to innovations like the dermal filler Juvederm, you only need one cosmetic appointment to create the full lips of your dreams. Whether you only want a subtle lip enhancement or dramatic results, Juvederm… Continue Reading arrow

Cheek Rejuvenation: Surgical and Non-surgical Approaches

Age-related facial volume loss is one of the most common complaints among women over the age of 30. If you look in the mirror and compare your cheeks now to the way they looked at 18, you’ll understand why. It’s all too common for the cheeks to suffer volume loss as a result of lost… Continue Reading arrow

Why You Need to Ask to See Breast Before-and-After Photos During Your Consultation

You know you aren’t happy with the appearance of your breasts, but do you know exactly how you want to change them? You can’t begin planning the outcome of your breast enhancement surgery until you have met with your surgeon for a consultation. There are many important questions to ask during your consultation, like asking… Continue Reading arrow

Unhappy with Your Cleft Chin? Here’s What to Do About It

It wasn’t so long ago that Hollywood’s biggest icons like Kirk Douglas and Clark Gable were idolized for their cleft chins. Cleft chins were seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity. However, aesthetic trends have shifted and many now view cleft chins as a nuisance instead of an asset. If you’re tired of your cleft… Continue Reading arrow

What Men Need to Know about Gynecomastia

If you are one of the many men with excess breast tissue instead of a hard, contoured chest, you might feel frustrated and embarrassed by your appearance. This is especially true during the summer season, when beach trips and pool parties force you to take off your shirt for the world to see. You might… Continue Reading arrow

How Long Should I Wait after Losing Weight to Have Body Contouring?

If you have been spending months or years focusing on achieving sustainable weight loss, you may have overlooked an important step that comes after shedding pounds: body contouring. Losing a significant amount of weight is an impressive accomplishment, but it leaves you with heavy, loose, excess folds of skin that need to be removed. Fortunately,… Continue Reading arrow

How to Maintain Your Tummy Tuck Results

If you want a flat and toned stomach, a tummy tuck is the best way to get it. Just remember that a tummy tuck doesn’t make your abdomen invincible to changes and weight gain. It’s up to you to take the steps necessary to maintain your results year after year. Here’s what you need to… Continue Reading arrow

4 Myths about Dermal Fillers Debunked

The Internet is filled with misinformation and myths, especially about cosmetic treatments. Does Botox freeze your face, or not? Will injectables really give you duck lips? You can’t make an informed decision about your cosmetic choices without the correct information at your fingertips, so it’s time to bust these 4 dermal fill myths. Myth #1:… Continue Reading arrow

How to Rejuvenate Your Face without Surgery

There are many ways to restore a youthful complexion and not all of them require undergoing surgery. If you want to rejuvenate your face using a quick and easy treatment, the following three ideas can take years off your appearance effortlessly. Reduce Skin Damage with IPL Photofacial If you’re frustrated with the pigmentation, vascular lesions,… Continue Reading arrow

4 Things to Ask Yourself Before Deciding on Plastic Surgery

Making the decision to undergo plastic surgery is no small choice. If you are eager to make a dramatic change to your body with the help of plastic surgery, be sure to ask yourself the following four questions before scheduling your appointment. Plastic surgery can creative positive and welcome changes to your appearance, but it’s… Continue Reading arrow

How to Get the Full Lips of Your Dreams

Plump, kissable lips are gorgeous, but they are hard to come by naturally. How many years have you spent admiring the full lips of your favorite celebrities, wondering how you could achieve the same results? Thanks to injectables like Juvederm and Restylane, you are just one appointment away from having the full lips you’ve always… Continue Reading arrow

Fight Aging Skin with a ViPeel

Has your summer fun in the sun taken a toll on your skin? Don’t watch as signs of aging take over and define your face.  Want the best way to fight aging skin quickly and simply? One word: ViPeel. If you’re feeling frustrated by unwanted signs of aging or skin imperfections like pigmentation and large… Continue Reading arrow

Planning for a Successful Mommy Makeover Recovery

It’s no secret that mothers make incredible sacrifices for their children, including the sacrifice of their bodies. Bouncing back from a pregnancy isn’t easy, especially after the second or third child. Drooping breasts and a sagging stomach are just a few of the physical changes that many mothers endure. Fortunately, the Mommy Makeover can help… Continue Reading arrow

How to Make Sure Your Cosmetic Surgery Results Last

Maintenance is a part of your daily life. You brush your teeth to maintain oral health, you do the laundry and wash dishes to maintain the order of your home, and you schedule oil changes and tire rotations to maintain the function of your vehicle. That commitment to maintenance is no different after cosmetic surgery.… Continue Reading arrow

Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Breast Implants Look Natural

If you want breast implants to increase your bust size and help you feel more confident in the appearance of your chest, you are definitely not alone! You are also in good company if you want your breast implants to look natural. Thanks to celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton, we all know what… Continue Reading arrow

Body Contouring after Weight Loss: Considering Your Options

Losing a significant amount of weight is an enormous accomplishment, but it can leave you facing the issue of loose and sagging skin. Even safe and gradual weight loss can cause your body to feel like a deflated balloon. For many men and women, this creates an entirely new but equally as frustrating problem as… Continue Reading arrow

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck You May Not Have Considered

It’s no secret that a tummy tuck procedure can restore the appearance of your stomach by removing saggy skin, minimizing stretch marks, and giving you a sleek, contoured appearance. But there are many other benefits of a tummy tuck that you may not have considered! From reduced lower back pain to better self confidence, a… Continue Reading arrow

4 Questions You Should Ask about Liposuction

As a volume-reducing procedure that sculpts the body by extracting fat from specific areas, liposuction has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons. You may be eager to see what liposuction can do to enhance your figure, but you should know the answers to the following questions first. How Is… Continue Reading arrow

Is It Time for Blepharoplasty? Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Age doesn’t just cause wrinkles on your skin and aches in your joints; it can also cause your eyelids to droop and sag. Without youthful and healthy eyelids, your face looks much older and fatigued than you probably feel. Cosmetic eyelid surgery, also known as an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, is a minor procedure that… Continue Reading arrow

Signs You May Need a Breast Reduction

If you have always lived with very large breasts, you may not be able to relate to the women around you who are eager to boost their bust size with breast augmentation. The truth is that breasts can be too big, and your large chest could be diminishing your quality of life more than you… Continue Reading arrow

Planning for a Facelift: Preparation, Expectations, and When You Can Show Your Face Again!

A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a powerful surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck. This is an invasive surgery that requires commitment and recovery time, so its important to understand how to prepare before you proceed. A Quick Introduction to the Facelift Procedure A facelift is a… Continue Reading arrow

What You Need to Know about General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a cornerstone of our modern medical system. If you are planning to undergo any type of invasive procedure like a breast augmentation, it is important to understand how general anesthesia will be used to ensure your total comfort and safety. What Is General Anesthesia? General anesthesia creates a purposeful and reversible loss… Continue Reading arrow

Options for Males with Large Breasts

It’s common for women to wish for larger breasts, but men have the opposite problem. Men who develop large breasts often feel shame and embarrassment, especially during the summer months when pool parties and beach trips occur so frequently. The good news is that males do have an option to eliminate their large breasts and… Continue Reading arrow

Body Contouring After Weight Loss: What Are My Options?

Dramatic weight loss is an enormous goal that requires time and commitment, so if you are within reach of your ideal weight, you deserve a huge congratulations. However, as you have probably discovered, the journey to a fit and slim body does not end once you shed the weight. In place of that weight you… Continue Reading arrow

Liposuction: Understanding the Timeline

Body fat loves to stubbornly stick around in the places where you want it the least. On you abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and arms, to name a few. Due to the nature of this fat, devoting your life to fitness classes and a limited diet cannot always target the fat and make it disappear. When regular… Continue Reading arrow

Preparing for a Tummy Tuck: What to Expect Before and After Your Procedure

The stomach region is one of the most frustrating for women to contour and tone, especially after pregnancy and over time as the body ages. If you are frustrated or embarassed by the extra fat on your stomach, a tummy tuck could be your solution. Rather than enduring beach season in a baggy coverup, learn… Continue Reading arrow

5 Critical Questions You Should Ask at Your Cosmetic Consultation

When you purchase a car, move into a new home, or plan a vacation, what do you do before shelling out money? You research, ask questions, and shop around to ensure that you receive the best deal from the most qualified source. Preparing for your cosmetic surgery is no different! Countless doctors will try to… Continue Reading arrow

Restylane Refyne: A New and Unique Dermal Filler

Smile lines sound so positive, but when it comes to their impacts on the skin over time, the results aren’t so cheery. These wrinkles develop on your previously smooth and youthful skin, leaving you feeling less confident in your appearance. Rather than accepting your own smile lines as a fact of life, you can embrace… Continue Reading arrow

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Gynecomastia but Were Afraid to Ask

It’s incredibly common to hear about women who undergo procedures to make their breasts bigger or smaller, but what about men? Gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition that refers to enlarged male breasts. Many men feel too self-conscious about their chests to go shirtless on the beach or wear tight-fitting shirts, but they don’t realize that… Continue Reading arrow

Wedding Prep 101: Your Guide to Dermal Fillers

Some brides plan elaborate beach weddings, some want a rustic farm ceremony, and others elope in Vegas, but every bride shares the desire to look and feel beautiful on her special day. In addition to finding the dress and a stunning hairstyle, brides can also utilize dermal fillers to enhance their natural beauty. This wedding… Continue Reading arrow

Dr. Bruce Landon Voted Reader’s #1 Choice by Tampa Style Magazine

Though it isn’t hard to find a plastic surgeon, it is very difficult to find an experienced, trusted, and esteemed plastic surgeon who has a track record of success as well as the artistry required to create the face, breasts, or body that you envision for yourself. If you live in the Tampa, Florida area,… Continue Reading arrow

Rejuvenate Your Life with the O-Shot

If you are left feeling dissatisfied, frustrated, or even uninterested in the intimate moments of your relationship, you may wonder if there is a way to ever regain a rewarding sex life. Can you ever attain enjoyment during sex again? Thanks to the O-Shot, the answer is yes!  This “Orgasm Shot” could be the answer… Continue Reading arrow

Eliminate Facial Wrinkles and Folds with These Favorite Dermal Fillers

No signs of aging are quite as hated or widespread as wrinkles. Whether they are around your eyes, across your forehead, or encircling your nose and mouth, you don’t want wrinkles taking over your appearance and causing you to look older than you feel. This is exactly why dermal fillers have surged in popularity over… Continue Reading arrow

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common cosmetic issues experienced by men of all ages. Though this condition, also known as androgenetic alopecia, does not threaten your physical health, it does put a strain on your confidence and self-image. By understanding the science behind male pattern baldness, you can take control of the… Continue Reading arrow

3 Reasons to Consider Eyelid Surgery

If your eyes are the window into your soul, then your eyelids are the curtains. Your eyelids dramatically impact your appearance and overall youthfulness, perhaps more than you even realize. If you are frustrated by the excess skin and fat on your upper eyelid and wish it could be removed, then all you need is… Continue Reading arrow

Breast Augmentation 101: Choosing the Right Size and Shape for Your Body

The size and shape of your breasts play an important role in your overall self-confidence and body image, so you may be considering breast augmentation as the best way to finally have breasts that you love. However, undergoing breast augmentation is not a quick or lighthearted decision; it involves many different choices that each impact… Continue Reading arrow

How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon for Your Needs

You only get one body, so why would you put it in the hands of a person who could cause it damage? Not all plastic surgeons are created equally, so whether you want to undergo a breast augmentation, Mommy Makeover, male breast reduction, or any other invasive procedure, it is essential that you find a… Continue Reading arrow

The Best Laser Treatments to Heal Your Skin in the Winter

The sun never stops shining in Florida entirely, but the winter season is at least easier on the skin. During these few months that your skin isn’t forced to endure the sun at its full strength, it is the perfect time to opt for laser skin resurfacing. A laser procedure in the winter months will… Continue Reading arrow

Start Your New Year with a Mommy Makeover

There’s no denying that motherhood takes a toll on a woman’s body. Between the changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding and the additional difficulties of committing time to the gym with children to care for, many mothers feel uncomfortable and dramatically less confident in their post-pregnancy bodies. This is an especially frustrating struggle since… Continue Reading arrow

Reverse Your Hair Loss with the Innovative ARTAS System

Hair loss is one of the most common issues faced by men as they age, and unfortunately it isn’t as easy to solve as hitting the gym or cutting out carbs. Though many products and procedures claim to resolve hair loss, only the ARTAS Robotic System can permanently, naturally, and flawlessly replace the hair that… Continue Reading arrow

Everything You Should Know about a Brow Lift

Some signs of aging, such as wrinkled skin or deflated breasts, are predictable. Other signs like drooping eyebrows are less expected. Nonetheless, progressive drooping of the brow is a natural feature of aging that impacts men and women alike. Sagging brows cause your entire face to look tired and aged, but you don’t have to… Continue Reading arrow

How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

Undergoing a breast augmentation is a major decision. The right plastic surgeon can transform your appearance, restore your confidence, and give you the body you want, but the wrong plastic surgeon can give you a real-life horror story. So how can you find a Florida plastic surgeon that has the experience, credentials, and skills to… Continue Reading arrow

Which Juvederm Filler is Right for You?

Unless you have been living on a deserted island for the past few years, you have most likely heard about dermal fillers and their cosmetic benefits like plumping lips, boosting cheek volume, and minimizing wrinkles. Dermal fillers have become some of the most popular cosmetic enhancement tools, especially since they deliver results immediately and without… Continue Reading arrow

New Year, New You: Reinvent Yourself with a Tummy Tuck

When it comes to problematic places on the body, the stomach is one of the most notorious. The majority of women are unhappy with some aspect of the appearance of their stomach, but quality time spent in the gym cannot always overcome the excess skin and fat that tends to collect on the stomach over… Continue Reading arrow

The Most Common Questions about Breast Lift Surgery

Have your breasts lost the perkiness that you took for granted when you were 18? Have important life events like losing weight or having children impacted the appearance of your breasts in a negative way? Don’t worry, you can change all of that! If you’re satisfied with the size of your breasts but want to… Continue Reading arrow

3 Supplements to Minimize Bruising after Cosmetic Procedures

Now more than ever before, patients have a vast array of treatments available to help them look younger and feel revitalized. Bruising is a nearly unavoidable side effect of these cosmetic procedures, but the good news is that you can significantly minimize and control your post-treatment bruising simply by utilizing specific supplements beforehand! Anti-bruising supplement… Continue Reading arrow

How to Maximize Eyelid Surgery Results with a Dermal Filler

As you grow older, you may be surprised to discover the true impact of gravity on your appearance. It’s not just your breasts that gradually succumb to the downward pull; it’s your eyes, too! Since your eyelids influence the overall appearance of your face more than you might realize, droopy eyelids cause you to look… Continue Reading arrow

Your Secret to Better Sex? The O-Shot!

There are many things in life that aren’t as great as you wish they were. Cafeteria food. The finale of your favorite TV show. And, for some people, sex. Are you part of the 40 percent of women who suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction? If so, you’re all too familiar with symptoms like lack of… Continue Reading arrow

3 Busted Myths about Breast Augmentation Surgery

You’re no longer in sixth grade, so stuffing your bra with tissues to have bigger breasts isn’t the best solution. Breast augmentation, also known as breast implant surgery, has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for women seeking larger breasts. However, the procedure is often misrepresented by myths, so we’re here to… Continue Reading arrow

The Mommy Makeover: Get Your Body Back without Counting Calories

It’s not difficult to spout off a laundry list of fad diets, trendy supplements, and hardcore workout routines that promise to get you back in shape after having a baby. However, many offer bigger promises than they can fulfill. When you are already juggling the responsibilities of motherhood with the demands of everyday life, do… Continue Reading arrow

Restore Your Cheek Volume and Look Ten Years Younger

It’s no secret that time takes its toll on the body, but many people overlook just how dramatically age can impact the cheeks. Facial volume loss is actually one of the most dramatic signs of aging on the face. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your cheeks look flatter. Maybe your skin is… Continue Reading arrow

Laser Genesis: Your Secret Weapon for Vibrant Skin

Your summer memories will stick around, but your summer skin damage shouldn’t. Laser Genesis is a new and exciting treatment that rejuvenates the skin and wipes away signs of damage using a simple noninvasive laser treatment. The Benefits of Laser Genesis: Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin Laser Genesis is a YAG laser used for non-ablative laser resurfacing,… Continue Reading arrow

3 Ways to Use Dermal Fillers to Look Your Best this Holiday Season

How many family members, friends, and acquaintances will you be seeing at parties and celebrations this holiday season? If you’re like most people, you want to look and feel your very best for all of those social interactions. However, you don’t want those cosmetic enhancements to break the bank right before the holiday season or… Continue Reading arrow

Landon Family Volunteers in St. Maarten

Bruce and Cheryl Landon started out on a trip to drop their daughter, Alex, off in St. Maarten where she would attend medical school. They decided to stay a few extra days for a vacation, but things quickly changed with the approach of Hurricane Irma. With the storm barreling towards the island, university officials realized… Continue Reading arrow

The Answers to Your Top 3 Breast Augmentation Questions

Standing in the mirror after a shower, do you feel disappointed, embarrassed, or frustrated by the appearance of your breasts? Millions of women do, especially after childbirth, dramatic weight loss, and aging take their toll. If you’re considering breast augmentation to enhance the appearance of your breasts and boost your self-confidence in the process, you… Continue Reading arrow

Why is My Hair Thinning As I Get Older?

Male pattern baldness is a very common and frustrating problem for men, but women also face their own hair loss problems as they get older. In particular, many women cope with thinning that leaves their scalp exposed and hair dry and devoid of volume. Even women who enjoy thick and hydrated hair in their youth… Continue Reading arrow

Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

Unlike conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can be slowed and prevented by making healthy lifestyle and dietary choices, hair loss is a condition that may not be within your control. If you are genetically predisposed to Androgenetic Alopecia or other causes of hair loss, it may not be stoppable. However, all hope… Continue Reading arrow

After a Harsh Summer, Your Skin Needs Laser Resurfacing

As the summer winds down, many people are looking in the mirror to discover that their fun in the sun made more than just memories. Extensive sun exposure, especially in areas of Florida like Tampa and Trinity, often leads to photodamage on the skin. Fortunately, you aren’t forced to endure signs of sun damage like… Continue Reading arrow

This Plastic Surgery Combination Will Make You Look Years Younger

Your eyelids and eyebrows influence the overall appearance of your face more than you might realize. Droopy eyelids and brows cause you to look much older and fatigued than you feel. If you want to restore a natural contour and youthful energy to your face, you can undergo a simple eyelid surgery called a blepharoplasty,… Continue Reading arrow

Breast Augmentation: Which Incision Site is Best

Breast augmentation involves a host of important decisions, ranging from the size of your implants to the surgeon who performs your procedure. The site of your incision is also a vital decision and will be discussed at length before your tampa breast augmentation surgery at Landon Plastic Surgery. An incision allows for the safe placement… Continue Reading arrow

Rogaine® vs. Finasteride: What’s the Difference?

If you’re gradually losing your hair and watching it become thinner day by day, then you are definitely ready to investigate the best hair growth treatments available. You want to regain a full and attractive head of hair, but you want to do so in a simple and non-invasive manner. Lucky for you, Rogaine® and… Continue Reading arrow

3 Important Things to Know about Breast Lift Surgery

Perhaps no other part of the body helps women feel as sexy and feminine as the breasts. However, it’s also no secret that the breasts don’t stay naturally full and perky forever. Countless women experience frustration, embarrassment, and disappointment as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, and aging cause their breasts to lose their form. If you… Continue Reading arrow

Why Give the Gift of a Mommy Makeover?

Becoming a mother is a beautiful, emotional, and irreplaceable gift, but it is also the cause of many unwanted physical changes for the mother herself. Childbirth isn’t just painful; it leads to everything from stretched abdominal skin and deflated breasts to diminished self-esteem. Women deserve to feel good about themselves, but this isn’t always easy… Continue Reading arrow

Your Most Pressing Questions about Robotic Hair Restoration, Answered

We are lucky enough to live in a world where technology seemingly has no limits, especially in the cosmetic realm. The ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System proves just how dramatically cosmetic enhancement technology has evolved in the last decade. Thanks to ARTAS, it is now possible to robotically remove individual hair follicles from the back… Continue Reading arrow

Hair Restoration at Any Age

Just like you don’t want to wait until your car dies on the highway to buy a new engine, you also don’t want to wait until you’re nearly bald to start tackling your hair loss. Though baldness is commonly associated with aging, the truth is that men can start experiencing hair loss as early as… Continue Reading arrow

It’s Finally Possible to Achieve Natural, Permanent Hair Restoration

Nobody hopes to suffer from hair loss, but hormonal changes within the body often cause unwanted hair thinning and baldness nonetheless. For decades, men have been forced to choose from a narrow selection of relatively ineffective hair growth options. That has finally changed with the development of the innovative ARTAS Robotic System. The ARTAS Difference… Continue Reading arrow

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries sought by women around the country. If you feel like your breasts are too small or you want to enhance the appearance of your breasts after pregnancy, a breast augmentation could be the perfect procedure to help you attain your ideal image. In… Continue Reading arrow

Conditions that Impact Female and Male Hair Loss

It’s easy to take your full head of hair for granted until it starts to slowly disappear. Hair loss is a frustrating condition that men and women alike experience for a number of different reasons. Fortunately, innovations in cosmetic technology have now made it possible to naturally regrow lost hair. Female Pattern Baldness The most… Continue Reading arrow

Is a Tummy Tuck Right for You?

Men and women alike strive to achieve flat, sculpted abs to flaunt on the beach each summer, but it’s much easier said than done! Exercise, healthy eating, and weight control are three important components that contribute to a flatter stomach, but sometimes they simply are not enough. More than ever before, men and women are… Continue Reading arrow

How Did You Celebrate Women’s Health Month?

Every May, Americans honor Women’s Health Month by encouraging women to adopt healthy habits and feel their best. However, that doesn’t mean that women’s health doesn’t matter once June rolls around! It is never too late to treat yourself to the health, wellness, and pampering that you deserve. Here are some ideas to get you… Continue Reading arrow

Could You Use a Mommy Makeover?

Having children is a beautiful and rewarding experience for women, but it also causes many new and unwanted changes to the body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding in particular are known to alter the breasts and abdomen in ways that cannot be reversed with exercise and healthy eating. This is exactly why the Mommy Makeover is growing… Continue Reading arrow

Hair Restoration: Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Hair loss is a frustrating yet unavoidable condition for many men, especially as they grow older. In the past, inefficient and often dangerous creams and medications were the only hair growth remedies available, but all of that has changed thanks to ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant. If you want a achieve an attractive, natural, full head… Continue Reading arrow

Everything You Should Know about a Tummy Tuck

Women frequently report the abdomen as one of the most difficult areas on the body to slim down and define, especially after pregnancy or significant weight loss. Rather than enduring beach season in a coverup, many women are now opting to undergo the tummy tuck procedure. If the appearance of your stomach is causing you… Continue Reading arrow

Yes, Breast Implants are Safe! Here’s Why

In the year 2015 alone, roughly 280,000 women underwent breast augmentation surgery, a figure that nearly tripled since 1997 when about 101,000 such procedures were completed. However, many women are still concerned about the potential risks of breast implant surgery. While any surgery naturally comes with certain risks, breast augmentation is a safe, effective, and… Continue Reading arrow

Are You Curious about the Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

“Gummy Bear” implants made a splash into the breast augmentation scene in 2012 when the FDA approved Sientra’s form-stable breast implant. Women around the country are curious about this new trend, especially pertaining to the comparison between a gummy snack and a type of breast implant. Here are all of the basic facts you need… Continue Reading arrow

Everything You Should Know about the Many Types of Breast Implants

No two bodies are the same. Just like clothes are made in a variety of sizes to accommodate all shoppers, breast implants are designed in multiple forms to help women select the type of implant that will truly flatter their figure. If you’re considering undergoing a breast augmentation, it is very helpful to understand the… Continue Reading arrow

What to Expect from Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation has been, and continues to be, one of the most popular and most highly utilized surgical treatments in the country. The procedure is designed to enhance breast size and shape, and women of all ages and backgrounds use breast augmentation to attain the breasts they have always wanted. Thanks to a wide selection… Continue Reading arrow

Belotero: A Different, Lighter Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers have become beauty treatment staples, and for good reason! Fillers use safe and natural formulas to accomplish many different anti-aging tasks, including adding volume to the skin, banishing wrinkles, augmenting the lips, and triggering extra collagen growth. There are now many different dermal fillers available, making it possible for patients to customize their… Continue Reading arrow

Why Men Lose Their Hair, and How It Can Be Stopped

It doesn’t happen to all males, but men who lose their hair know all too well the struggles associated with unwanted baldness. Why do men so commonly suffer hair loss, and can it be stopped? An Introduction to Male Pattern Baldness Nearly all hair loss that men experience is a result of male pattern baldness.… Continue Reading arrow

The Best 3 Reasons to Consider Robotic Hair Restoration

Getting older forces numerous changes upon the body, many of which are unwanted and undesirable. Hair loss is one such result of aging that leaves men and women alike feeling self-conscious and unhappy with their appearance. Many hair loss remedies have been on the market for years, including pills, creams, and traditional hair transplant procedures… Continue Reading arrow

Could You Benefit from a Chin Augmentation?

Most people understand the concept and purpose of a breast augmentation, but a chin augmentation is a lesser known procedure that can strategically adjust the size and shape of the chin in order to enhance the overall appearance of the face. Each year, tens of thousands of chin augmentations are performed around the country, according… Continue Reading arrow

Never Be Bald Again with This Hair Growth System

Hair loss is one of the most common side effects of aging for men and women alike. While most men cope with male pattern baldness that deteriorates hair follicles on the top and front of the head, women experience thinning at the hairline behind the bangs. Both of these conditions are frustrating, especially since there… Continue Reading arrow

Finding Your Perfect Implant Size

Every year, many women give themselves the gift of a breast augmentation, and many find themselves wondering if they should have been less conservative and opted for a bigger size. There’s no doubt about it, selecting the exact size of your implants is a challenging task; you can’t exactly use a dressing room to try… Continue Reading arrow

Your Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation Timing

The choice to undergo breast augmentation surgery is just as significant as the decision to buy a new car or take a vacation. Just like the latter two processes, breast augmentation requires planning and careful timing to ensure that the surgery won’t cause unnecessary complications with other obligations on your plate. This quick guide can… Continue Reading arrow

The Perky Benefits of Breast Augmentation

As breast augmentation continues to remain a popular plastic surgery option for women across the country, you may enter 2017 feeling determined to undergo breast augmentation yourself. And so you should! Breast augmentation offers a number of perks that make it easy to say yes to implants. Customize Your Appearance First and foremost, a breast… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 12!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: 50 Units of Botox Prize: 50 Units of Botox at Landon Plastic Surgery Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent to photo on social media and Landon Plastic Surgery… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 11!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: $50 Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant Gift Card Prize: $50 Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant Gift Card Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent to photo on social media and… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 10!

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TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 9!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: Hockey Tickets! *Lightning vs Maple Leafs* Prize: Hockey Tickets- Tampa Lightning vs Maple Leafs on 12/29/16 Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent to photo on social media and… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 8!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: Amazon Echo Giveaway! Prize: Amazon Echo Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent to photo on social media and Landon Plastic Surgery Website. All winners are chosen randomly by… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 7!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: Kid’s Pack- Mini Pool Table, Mega Boxing Gloves & Bumper Balls Prize: Kid’s Pack- Mini Pool Table, Mega Boxing Gloves & Bumper Balls Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 6!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: Fitbit Prize: Fitbit Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent to photo on social media and Landon Plastic Surgery Website. All winners are chosen randomly by a third party.… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 5!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: Cold Brew Coffee Maker Prize: OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker Brews delicious concentrate for cold or hot coffee anytime Steeping coffee grounds in cold water over time gives you a less bitter, less acidic brew that stays fresh longer than regular coffee. Just add grounds and… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 4!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent to photo on social media and Landon Plastic Surgery Website. All winners… Continue Reading arrow

3 Face and Neck Procedures to Consider in 2017

Do you have big plans for 2017? If you’re starting to notice unwanted signs of aging on your face and neck, then maybe your big plans are with a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial cosmetic procedures. Unlike major plastic surgery procedures that require extensive recovery periods, these face and neck treatments are simple yet… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 3!

Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: 3 Massages Prize: 3 Massages from Landon Plastic Surgery 1813 Wellness Lane Trinity, FL 34655 Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable, non-refundable and not to be exchanged for cash. Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item. Winner must consent to photo on social media and Landon… Continue Reading arrow

TwELF Days of Christmas: Day 1!

  Landon Plastic Surgery’s TwELF Days of Christmas: onbikes Giveaway! Additional Rules: This giveaway is non-transferable and non-refundable Item depicted with Elf may not be exact item.  Winner must consent to photo on social media and Landon Plastic Surgery Website. All winners are chosen randomly by a third party. Eligibility: Legal residents of the United… Continue Reading arrow

Silicone or Saline? Let Your Tissue Properties Guide Your Decision

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you face two major decisions. First, how large should your new implants be? Second, should you opt for saline or silicone implants? A new research study conducted by experts at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and McMaster University recently revealed information regarding these questions that will help guide… Continue Reading arrow

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of TLC

Are you totally stumped trying to brainstorm great gift ideas for your family, friends, and coworkers? It’s time to think out of the box. Rather than buying material gifts that may or may not be appreciated, give the gift of personal TLC by offering a gift card for cosmetic treatments and procedures. Laser resurfacing, dermal… Continue Reading arrow

Tips for Handling Your Drain after Surgery

Every surgery requires a unique type of recovery process. Many plastic surgery procedures, like tummy tucks and large breast augmentations, call for a drain after surgery to remove pus, blood, and other fluids from the incision site. If you are about to undergo a surgery that will result in a drain, it’s very important that… Continue Reading arrow

Yes, You Can Breastfeed After a Breast Augmentation

There are many questions that surround the breast augmentation process, but for young women who plan to become mothers in the future, one of the biggest questions concerns breastfeeding with implants. Is it possible? A scientific research study conducted by Dr. Mark Jewell and his co-authors Michael Edwards, M.D and Diane Murphy, MBA, states that… Continue Reading arrow

The Two Newest Celebrities to Embrace Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is by far one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America, for regular citizens and idolized celebrities alike. Plenty of celebrities have been open and honest about their breast augmentations, and now Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Khloe Kardashian are adding their names to the list of starlets who opted for breast enhancement.… Continue Reading arrow

Breast Enhancement Can Reverse Postpartum Breast Changes

There are many changes in a woman’s life that could inspire her to pursue breast augmentation, especially having a baby. As much as pregnancy famously inflates breast size, childbirth and breastfeeding diminishes that size even more.   Humorous blogger Jordan Reid perfectly summarized this on her page “Ramshackle Ham”: “I expected by breasts to change… Continue Reading arrow

What We Can Learn from Denver’s Fake Plastic Surgeon

Four people were recently left seriously injured in Denver after a surgical assistant illegally began performing full surgeries on his own. Carlos Hernandez Fernandez, 36, now faces 14 felony charges for criminal impersonation, illegally practicing as a medical doctor, and unlawful sexual content with a patient. These are major charges that teach plastic surgery customers… Continue Reading arrow

A Surprising Plastic Surgery Trend Surging around the Globe

If you keep up with the British Royal Family at all, the the name Kate Middleton will be very familiar to you. Now officially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate was born into a respectable but very normal family in Berkshire, England. Since she became involved with Prince William in 2001, the public, in England and… Continue Reading arrow

Reasons to Consider a Tummy Tuck

Many women will agree that the stomach is one of the most frustrating and troublesome body parts, especially after childbirth and extreme weight loss. The abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck, is a procedure designed to help the stomach appear flat and toned. It’s become incredibly popular since 2000, with the number of tummy… Continue Reading arrow

Three Things to Know about Fillers

The body changes as it ages, especially as decreased collagen production limits your skin’s ability to heal itself and ward off damage. But rest easy, because we live in a world where advanced technology makes it possible to boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and restore youth to tired skin. Facial fillers, also known as injectables,… Continue Reading arrow

Three Stars Who Had Their Implants Removed

Known humorously in Hollywood as the “un-boob job,” many celebrities have recently opted to remove their famously recognized breast implants in favor of more natural breast sizes. You may recognize a few, but do you know the reasoning behind their decisions? Pamela Anderson Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson had some of the most recognizable breasts in… Continue Reading arrow

Four things You Should Know about a Breast Lift

Female breasts receive a great deal of attention for a number of reasons. They are not only sources of complete nutrition for babies and symbols of sensuality, but they are also targeted by cancer and disease. With so much emphasis placed on the breasts, it’s no wonder that so many women are eager to enhance… Continue Reading arrow

It’s Time to Bust these Breast Augmentation Myths

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for women across all backgrounds, since the procedure allows women to embrace their sexuality and feel more confident. However, many of the “facts” surrounding breast augmentation surgery are actually nothing but myths that give potential clients the wrong idea. Let’s bust those myths now… Continue Reading arrow

How to Make the Best of Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

If you’ve recently undergone a breast augmentation or are considering doing so in the near future, preparation is key to a successful experience. Though you may be most focused on what you must do before your surgery, it’s important to remember to make arrangements for your post-operative recovery time as well.   Think Ahead There… Continue Reading arrow

Restylane: Restoring Fullness to Your Face Naturally

Continue Reading arrow

Which Dermal Filler is Right for Your Face?

The world of dermal fillers continues to expand with more and more options. It can be hard to tell the difference between each one, let alone memorize each product’s many uses and benefits. If you are seeking facial rejuvenation and want to strip years away from your appearance, you need to know which dermal filler… Continue Reading arrow

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift surgery, also known as a mastopexy, is an incredible procedure that allows women to keep their real breasts but feel sexier, more confident, and happier with their chests. If you are considering a breast lift or just curious about the procedure, these most commonly asked questions will help you gain more insight!… Continue Reading arrow

The Big Ear Stigmata

When I was a child, kids used to make fun of my friend and called him “Dopey” from the Disney film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. They used to laugh and point at his ears and I knew it was wrong for the other kids to make fun, but I did not know how… Continue Reading arrow

The Mommy Makeover Why?

Now look back 20 years. Women used to have to wear discreet clothing to hide the changes to their body after child birth and pregnancy. Now-a-days women do not have to feel self-conscious or even resentful about their bodies and the loss of those wonderful curves they once had.   The Mommy makeover as it… Continue Reading arrow

Plastic Surgery and Celebrity Influence

How often are we influenced by what we see and how we perceive ourselves in relationship to that? People are motivated to reinvent themselves in a number of ways. Trends in plastic surgery as highlighted by data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show almost a 100% increase surge in butt augmentation in the… Continue Reading arrow

Breast Implants it’s all about options

With more than 313,000 breast augmentations performed in 2013 alone, it is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Their safety has been time proven with silicone breast implants as the most tested medical devices in FDA history. That being said, many women may not be aware that there are more choices than ever… Continue Reading arrow

If I Could Turn Back Time

What is a face lift? According to plasticsurgery.org, a face lift, orrhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck, such as: Sagging in the middle of your face Deep creases below the lower eyelids Deep creases along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth Fat that… Continue Reading arrow

Reconstructing the Breast: Free Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Continue Reading arrow