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New Year, New You: Reinvent Yourself with a Tummy Tuck

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When it comes to problematic places on the body, the stomach is one of the most notorious. The majority of women are unhappy with some aspect of the appearance of their stomach, but quality time spent in the gym cannot always overcome the excess skin and fat that tends to collect on the stomach over time. Fortunately, the tummy tuck is a common plastic surgery procedure that swiftly and easily restores the appearance of your abdomen. The turn of the New Year is the perfect time for you to reinvent your confidence with a tummy tuck.

How Does the Tummy Tuck Work?

The tummy tuck, formally known as abdominoplasty, is designed to flatten your abdomen by removing loose, excess fat and skin from the stomach region. This process also tightens the muscles in the abdominal wall, which is especially important for women who lost that muscle tightness during pregnancy. A tummy tuck can even remove stretch marks from your lower abdomen, which makes it all the more popular! It is the ultimate solution to achieve a more attractive and youthful contour.

What is the Procedure and Recovery Like?

Your tummy tuck procedure will begin with an injection of lidocaine, which serves as an anesthetic, and epinephrine, which controls bleeding by constricting blood vessels. An incision is then made above the pubic mound, from one hipbone to the other. If you are undergoing a full abdominoplasty, you will need another incision around your naval. For a mini-tummy tuck, you’ll benefit from a shorter incision.

Your surgeon will carefully loosen the skin from your abdominal wall to your ribcage and suture your abdominal muscles into a tighter position. Any excess fat is removed through liposuction, and then your abdominal skin is stretched down over the incision line while excess skin is cut away. This process makes it possible to eliminate stretch marks and create a flat and slim abdominal surface.

If your abdomen has become compromised by pregnancies, obesity, or genetic laxity, a full abdominoplasty is the better option for you. On the other hand, if you are in fairly good shape but simply need extra help achieving your aesthetic goals, a mini-tummy tuck is the right choice.   Recovery from a tummy tuck takes time. The first week is the most difficult, and you should plan to have plenty of help during that time. During the second and third week after your procedure, you will still need to move gingerly and limit your activities. Expect to finally see the aesthetic benefits of your surgery after a few months.

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