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3 Cosmetic Procedures After Extreme Weight Loss

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Tampa cosmetic procedures for weight loss model wearing blue jeansFor someone who has struggled for years with their weight, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing that goal weight on the scale. Yet even if you reach your goal weight, you may not have the body that you envisioned. There are three primary areas of the body that can be very difficult to firm and tone. Even if you have lost fat in these areas, you may still have loose flaps of excess skin and fat that affect your appearance. After extreme weight loss such as this, three cosmetic procedures are common.


The arms can be a difficult area to lose weight and tone up. If you don’t actively lift weights throughout your weight loss journey, chances are you will have some loose skin that refuses to tone or melt away. An arm lift removes this excess skin and any remaining fat from the underside of your arm.

Tummy Tuck

The tummy is another area that can be stubborn to lose fat and tone skin. Often when people lose a lot of weight they retain an irritating flap on their lower abdomen. A tummy tuck removes this flap, along with any other excess skin and tissue that refuses to melt away.

Thigh and Butt Lift

The thighs and butt make up the final area of the body that usually suffers during weight loss. As you lose weight, your buttocks may lose its firmness and begin to sag. You may also notice that your thighs, while technically less mass, are still quite large due to the inelasticity of the skin and tissues after weight loss. Having a combined butt and thigh lift cures these problems in this important area.

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