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Why Men Lose Their Hair, and How It Can Be Stopped

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Why Men Lose Their Hair, and How It Can Be StoppedIt doesn’t happen to all males, but men who lose their hair know all too well the struggles associated with unwanted baldness. Why do men so commonly suffer hair loss, and can it be stopped?

An Introduction to Male Pattern Baldness

Nearly all hair loss that men experience is a result of male pattern baldness. This condition, formally known as androgenetic alopecia, occurs due to both genetics and fluctuating hormones. When male pattern baldness begins, the hairline slowly recedes and the hair on the crown of the head starts thinning. Over time, the hairline usually forms an “M” shape in the front and a horseshoe pattern around the sides of the head. It’s not a dangerous or painful condition, but male pattern baldness often has psychological effects like low self-esteem and self-consciousness.  

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

A full 70 percent of men suffer from male pattern baldness, but few understand exactly why it happens. The male sex hormones called androgens hold most of the blame for male pattern baldness, since they are responsible for regulating hair growth. When androgen hormones fluctuate or stop doing their job, the growth cycle of each hair becomes weaker. Over time, the hair follicle itself shrinks, forcing the hairs that do grow to look shorter and finer. As male pattern baldness advances, the hair growth cycle stops altogether, and no more hairs appear in the affected areas.

What Can Be Done?

Men have spent decades paying money for inefficient hair loss treatments like medications, creams, and painful transplant processes. Thanks to modern technology, a reliable, permanent, and painless solution now exists for men who want to eliminate their male pattern baldness once and for all. It’s called the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system, and it uses cutting edge technology to transplant healthy donor hairs into the areas of the scalp where hair follicles have stopped producing hair. The robotic nature of the procedure eliminates human error and maximizes transplant efficiency. In fact, ARTAS delivers permanent, visibly thicker hair within just six months of surgery.

If you are a man struggling with male pattern baldness, you no longer need to accept thinning hair as a way of life. Contact Dr. Landon, a top Tampa Plastic Surgeon, at Landon Plastic Surgery, (813) 404-3380, to learn more about the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system and give yourself the gift of a full head of hair.