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The Answers to Your Top 3 Breast Augmentation Questions

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Tampa Breast Augmentation Implants being measured by the size.Standing in the mirror after a shower, do you feel disappointed, embarrassed, or frustrated by the appearance of your breasts? Millions of women do, especially after childbirth, dramatic weight loss, and aging take their toll. If you’re considering breast augmentation to enhance the appearance of your breasts and boost your self-confidence in the process, you most likely have a variety of questions you need answered. After all, undergoing a breast augmentation is a serious decision that delivers the best results when you are fully informed of your options.

Will Breast Augmentation Force Me to Change My Lifestyle?

The only time that breast augmentation will lead to a change in your lifestyle is immediately after surgery as you heal. You will need to restrict your physical movements, exercise, and general activities for about six weeks until your body has recovered. Each week you’ll gain a bit more freedom until you can return to life as normal. It’s a myth that your breast implants will prevent you from continuing to do the things you love.

Can Breast Augmentation Reverse Droopiness?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that uses implants to increase the size of the breasts, but it does not actually change the form of the breasts themselves. For this reason, if you are unhappy with the sagging of your breasts and want to make them higher and perkier, an augmentation won’t quite do the trick. Breast implants will only make your sagging breasts look bigger, but they will still droop downward. You can solve this problem by receiving a breast lift at the same time that you undergo your augmentation. A breast lift will restore shape and perkiness to your breasts, an augmentation will make them larger, and the combined effect will leave you feeling young and sexy again!

Is It Possible to Still Breastfeed After an Augmentation?

Though there are no guarantees in life, the majority of women who undergo breast augmentation retain their ability to successfully breastfeed in the future. Most importantly, breast implants do not pose any medical risks to your baby. Since implants are placed into the body without disrupting the biological system that allows babies to nurse, breastfeeding can continue uninterrupted.

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