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4 Questions You Should Ask about Liposuction

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As a volume-reducing procedure that sculpts the body by extracting fat from specific areas, liposuction has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons. You may be eager to see what liposuction can do to enhance your figure, but you should know the answers to the following questions first.

How Is Liposuction Performed?

Many methods of liposuction are currently available, including ultrasonic, tumescent, and laser-assisted techniques. The method that works best for you depends upon your age, skin type, and relative amount of excess fat.

Traditional liposuction involves inserting a long, thin tube called a cannula through incisions and moving the cannula through the fat layer. This breaks apart the fat so that it can be suctioned out of the body. Ultrasound liposuction, meanwhile, uses a special cannula that emits ultrasonic energy to break up fat and make it easier to remove. Tumescent liposuction is another option that involves injecting a tumescent “wetting” solution into the treatment area. This firms up fat and makes it easier to suction out of the body.

Can I Use Liposuction to Lose Weight?

Liposuction is not designed to serve as a weight loss tool. It works most efficiently if you are within 20 pounds of your ideal weight and only need your liposuction procedure to target stubborn pockets of fat that have not responded to exercise and healthy eating.

How Much Recovery Time Does Liposuction Require?

Compared to other procedures, the recovery time for liposuction is very short. You will be discharged from the surgical center just one hour after surgery and required to wear compression garments to minimize fluid accumulation and enhance long-term results. In just three to five days you will be ready to return to work, and you can resume exercise after about two weeks.  

What Results Can Liposuction Help me Achieve?

It is important to maintain realistic expectations throughout your liposuction process. You may not see results in the first days or weeks after your procedure, but after about three weeks your swelling will diminish enough to indicate initial results. Your treated areas will continue to become slimmer and contoured over the next 6 to 12 months. Depending on the areas you had liposuctioned, you may finally have a flatter stomach, thinner thighs, or shapely arms.

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