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A Surprising Plastic Surgery Trend Surging around the Globe

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starsIf you keep up with the British Royal Family at all, the name Kate Middleton will be very familiar to you. Now officially Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate was born into a respectable but very normal family in Berkshire, England. Since she became involved with Prince William in 2001, the public, in England and America alike, has admired Kate’s fashion and beauty choices. Now the desire to look more like the Duchess has risen to new heights as women seek eyebrow transplants to better match Kate’s appearance.

According to Dr. Raghu Reddy, one of the United Kingdom’s foremost hair restoration experts, “We have witnessed interest in the eyebrow transplant procedure grow since around the time of the Royal Wedding, and it has steadily risen. Now we have a healthy stream of women who come into the clinic and undergo the treatment. There is also greater awareness now of the procedure and the results it can achieve.”

Kate boasts naturally dark, full brows that accentuate her face, and now women are willing to pay thousands of dollars to emulate her look. The procedure uses advanced technology to help women with damaged, over-plucked eyebrows achieve a fuller brow. It is a four to five hour treatment that’s surprisingly pain free. A special punch less than 1mm in diameter is used to remove hair follicles from behind the ear and transplant them into the brow region. The hair grows naturally and is visible within three to four months. Since there are no scalpels, stitches, or scarring involved, women aren’t hesitating to try the procedure.

As sparse brows decline in popularity and full, thick brows take their place, many women find themselves wondering why they can’t groom their brows to look like Kate’s. Sometimes over tweezing and compulsive plucking makes the hairs unable to grow back, but other times hormonal changes and trauma can prevent hair from growing as much as it should. There is also the possibility of alopecia, a condition that results in eyebrow hair loss. Whatever the reason, women are happy to have a transplant procedure that makes Kate Middleton’s beauty and style within reach.