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Why is My Hair Thinning As I Get Older?

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Tampa Hair Restoration male model looking into the mirror at his hairlineMale pattern baldness is a very common and frustrating problem for men, but women also face their own hair loss problems as they get older. In particular, many women cope with thinning that leaves their scalp exposed and hair dry and devoid of volume. Even women who enjoy thick and hydrated hair in their youth can fall victim to thinning hair, especially around menopause. If this is happening to you, understanding why is the first step getting it under control.

Hormonal Changes Trigger Thinning Hair

Estrogen levels fluctuate in your body as you get older, and unfortunately the results don't usually work in your favor. Lower estrogen levels are associated with everything from hot flashes and mood swings to thinning hair. Since estrogen plays a significant role in controlling the appearance of your hair by actually extending the growth stage of hair follicles, a lack of estrogen has the opposite effect and leads to thinner, weaker hair instead.

Stress Could Literally Be Making Your Hair Come Out

We've all had points in our lives when we've felt so overcome by stress that we just wanted to "pull our hair out!". As it turns out, that stress could actually be contributing to thinning hair. Over long periods of time, high levels of stress in the body trigger inflammation and increased cortisol production. Both can hinder hair growth and generate gradually thinning hair.

Is Your Body Properly Nourished?

You know that nutrients are important, but you may not realize that you actually have nutritional deficiencies in your body that are preventing your hair from growing as long and strong as it should. Iron and vitamin C are two of the many nutrients that prevent hair loss and support healthy growth. Since the body cannot always obtain adequate amounts of nutrients from food alone, supplements can make all the difference.

If balancing your hormones, controlling your stress, and nourishing your body cannot reverse your hair loss, you can consider a hair transplant system like the innovative procedure offered by Dr. Bruce Landon, a top Plastic Surgeon in Tampa. The ARTAS Robotic System can harvest healthy donor hairs and transplant them to support accelerated hair growth that leads to a beautiful, thick, full head of hair. Call (813) 377- 2081 to begin your initial consultation at Landon Plastic Surgery today.