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Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

Landon Plastic Surgery

Tampa Hair Loss model with a receding hair lineUnlike conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can be slowed and prevented by making healthy lifestyle and dietary choices, hair loss is a condition that may not be within your control. If you are genetically predisposed to Androgenetic Alopecia or other causes of hair loss, it may not be stoppable. However, all hope is not lost, because hair loss actually can be reversed using the advanced and innovative technology of the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System.

How Does ARTAS Reverse Hair Loss?

The ARTAS Robotic System is FDA-approved to provide minimally invasive and virtually pain-free hair transplantation. This procedure is unlike any other hair loss solutions currently in existence because it ensures precise results and eliminates the guesswork and fatigue involved in manual hair transplant procedures.

The first step of the ARTAS Robotic System is a consultation using special technology to create a customized 3D stimulated hair transplant design. You can use this to visualize your desired results and ensure that you will be happy with the final product. It will also help your Tampa hair transplant specialist determine the number of hair graft transplants required for optimal results. Next, the ARTAS Robotic System identifies which hairs on your head will work best as the transplant hairs, and they will be harvested with robotic precision.

The harvesting stage in other hair transplant procedures is notorious for leaving a noticeable and painful bald strip across the back of the head, but ARTAS actually preserves the natural appearance of your donor hair area by selecting and removing each hair with precision. Finally, after all of this preliminary work has been completed, your hair restoration expert can begin transplanting healthy hair into your thinning areas using the comfortable and simple procedure made possible with ARTAS.

How Quickly Will Hair Loss Be Reversed?

The ARTAS Robotic System is so efficient that you will enjoy noticeably thicker hair within just six months, and your results will continue to improve over time. You can count on this reliable and permanent form of hair growth without the need for a lifetime of topical hair creams or medications. Dr. Bruce Landon at Landon Plastic Surgery is one of the most qualified professional Plastic Surgeons in Tampa and Trinity, Florida to complete your ARTAS procedure. Call (813) 404-3380 to begin your initial consultation and restore your full head of hair!