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Ditch the Turkey Neck Before Turkey Day: What You Need to Know About Kybella

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Tampa kybella model touching her smooth faceIf you have a gobbler on Thanksgiving, it should be the one on your plate next to the cranberry sauce and stuffing, not under your chin. Millions of Americans have extra fat under their chin, often called the “double chin” or submental fullness. Even healthy people at their optimum weight can suffer from unwanted fullness under their chin due to age or genetics. There is an easy solution!

Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment specifically designed to dissolve excess neck and chin fat in order to contour the jawline for a more youthful appearance. Kybella will restore your youthful slim chin and jawline in time for the holiday season without the diet.

Use Kybella to Eliminate Your Double Chin

Kybella is a clinically proven product that has surged in popularity recently. This simple injection is formulated with deoxycholic acid, a substance that exists naturally in the body to break down and absorb fat. Once injected into your double chin, deoxycholic acid triggers accelerated fat removal by permanently destroying existing fat and preventing cells from storing and accumulating additional fat.

What Can You Expect?

Kybella works most effectively over the span of a few treatments. Most patients can achieve maximum results with two to six injections over a six-month period. The results aren’t instant, but they are sustainable for the long term.

Over the span of just a few months, you will notice your chin area gradually looking more defined and attractive. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your Tampa Kybella treatment results will last permanently! Once those fat cells are gone, they cannot come back.

You’ll Love Your Kybella Results

Kybella will work to gradually reduce your double chin and sustain a smooth, beautiful contour in its place. Best of all, these results are achieved without any surgery, pain, or downtime. All you need to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, and your double chin and all of that pesky extra fat will be gone for good.

A Talented Injector Makes All the Difference

Not every plastic surgeon in Tampa has the experience and skill to deliver the results you want to see. It’s essential to search until you find a highly qualified and capable injector like Dr. Bruce Landon for your Tampa Kybella treatment.

Dr. Landon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience helping the women of Tampa, Florida shape and enhance their bodies. Call (813) 404-3380 today to schedule your consultation at Landon Plastic Surgery.