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The Best 3 Reasons to Consider Robotic Hair Restoration

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Tampa Hair Restoration Patient looking into the mirrorGetting older forces numerous changes upon the body, many of which are unwanted and undesirable. Hair loss is one such result of aging that leaves men and women alike feeling self-conscious and unhappy with their appearance. Many hair loss remedies have been on the market for years, including pills, creams, and traditional hair transplant procedures that require painful and invasive stitching with extensive recovery. None of these methods work perfectly, and they all have a number of downsides.

If you are struggling with hair loss and are eager for a reliable, simple, and lasting solution, you don’t need to look any further. Our PRP Hair Restoration and the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system is a new, cutting-edge procedure that utilizes innovative technology to deliver incredible hair growth results without any of the side effects of traditional hair transplants.

Robotic Hair Restoration Maximizes Efficiency

The ARTAS system delivers hair restoration using techniques never seen before. First, you get to create a customized 3-D stimulated hair transplant design in order to visualize what you will look like after your procedure. You can use this 3-D design to adjust and alter your final results. Once your design is completed, the ARTAS technology will determine the number of grafts you need for optimal results, and your doctor will use the system to identify which hairs on your head will serve as the best donor hairs. This precise process helps to maximize the efficiency of your hair restoration and deliver the best results possible.

No Donor Scars!

During a traditional hair transplant procedure, the donor hairs used for transplant are removed in a strip from the side and back of the head. This leaves an unsightly ring of baldness around the scalp that you definitely don’t want. The ARTAS procedure changes all of that by strategically removing donor hairs while still preserving the overall appearance of the head. You will be able to walk out from your Tampa Hair Restoration procedure without any signs of hair harvesting.

The Results Are Stunning

If you are taking the time, money, and effort to undergo hair restoration surgery, you want your investment to pay off! ARTAS delivers incredible results that will give you a full and healthy head of hair. Within just six months of your surgery, you will notice permanent, visibly thicker hair growth that will continue over time.

Dr. Landon is a leading Plastic Surgeon in Tampa and Trinity, Florida that has been specially trained with the ARTAS system, so give him a call at (813) 404-3380 to begin your journey to a full and healthy head of hair.