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Saline vs. Silicone: Choosing the Right Implants

Landon Plastic Surgery

Choosing the Right ImplantsIf you are considering breast augmentation, you may be confused about which implants you should choose. There are advantages and disadvantages to silicone and saline implants. While you should discuss your options with your doctor, there is some basic information that you need to know going in so you can make an informed decision.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants have long been the standard in breast augmentation. Many women prefer the natural feel of silicone implants. They tend to give a more natural look and feel than saline. There are some disadvantages to silicone implants. Although ruptures are rare, if one occurs, the silicone can be detrimental to your health. The implant will not lose its shape if it ruptures, meaning that the problem may not be quickly detected.

Saline Implants

Saline implants is a much safer option in breast augmentation. If there is a rupture, the saline is simply absorbed harmlessly into the body. Saline implants are filled after placement, allowing for a smaller incision than with silicone implants. The biggest disadvantage to saline implants is that they do not feel as natural as silicone implants. If you are concerned with appearing natural, you may want to consider silicone instead.

If you are considering breast augmentation, contact our Tampa Plastic Surgery office today for a consultation. We can further discuss the advantages and disadvantages of saline versus silicone and help you make the right decision.