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The Most Common Questions about Breast Lift Surgery

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Tampa Breast Lift model showing excess skin while covering her breastsHave your breasts lost the perkiness that you took for granted when you were 18? Have important life events like losing weight or having children impacted the appearance of your breasts in a negative way? Don’t worry, you can change all of that! If you’re satisfied with the size of your chest but want to restore lift, shape, and perkiness to your breasts, then breast lift surgery is the solution. The following questions and answers will help you explore your Tampa breast lift surgery and make sure it is the right choice for you.

How Is a Breast Lift Done?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is just what it sounds like: your breasts become lifted to sit higher on your chest with a more youthful shape. This is accomplished by removing excess skin and making the surrounding breast tissue more taut.

Will My Breast Size Change After a Lift?

Since a breast lift removes extra skin and shifts all breast tissue into a firmer shape, it’s possible that your breasts will look slightly smaller after your lift. A breast lift cannot make your breasts bigger. If you want to increase the size and lift of your breasts, you can combine your breast lift with a breast augmentation. A Breast augmentation uses implants to give you breasts of your desired size.

Will I Have Scars?

Every invasive procedure comes with the potential for scarring. Breast lift surgery is no exception. The good news is that your surgery scars will most likely be so minor that they can hide in the areola. Even if your surgeon must complete your procedure in a way that leaves a more significant scar, it can probably be concealed in the crease under the breast, though there are sometimes vertical scars as well. Scars also fade over time. The results of your younger, perkier breasts will be all that you see!

How Long Will Results Last?

A breast lift cannot stop age and gravity from taking their tolls, but it can reduce the visual age of your breasts and provide a youthful appearance that lasts for many years. Of course, a healthy lifestyle and weight will help your breast lift last as long as possible. Since pregnancy and childbirth significantly changes the appearance of your breasts, you will enjoy the best results if you wait to get your breast lift until you are done having children.

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