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Reverse Your Hair Loss with the Innovative ARTAS System

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Hair loss is one of the most common issues faced by men as they age, and unfortunately it isn’t as easy to solve as hitting the gym or cutting out carbs. Though many products and procedures claim to resolve hair loss, only the ARTAS Robotic System can permanently, naturally, and flawlessly replace the hair that you have lost. With the ARTAS system of robotic hair restoration, you can regain a full head of hair without any stitches, plugs, or regrets.

How Does the ARTAS System Work?

The ARTAS Robotic System is FDA-approved to provide minimally invasive and virtually pain-free hair transplantation. This procedure is unlike any other hair loss solutions currently in existence because it ensures precise results and eliminates the guesswork and fatigue involved in manual hair transplant procedures.

The physician-assisted ARTAS Robotic System identified your optimal hairs to be used for transplant and selectively harvests the hairs with robotic precision. All hairs are transplanted to the balding portion of your head in a predetermined design. Noticeable, permanent, and thicker visible hair growth begins in just six months and continued indefinitely! Where else can you find such results?

ARTAS Protects and Supports Your Hair

The harvesting stage in other transplant procedures is notorious for leaving a noticeable and painful bald strip across the back of the head, but ARTAS actually preserves the natural appearance of your donor hair area by selecting and removing each hair with precision.

The ARTAS system uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to identify an select the hair that will best function as donor hair. A high-definition stereoscopic vision system actually analyzes, monitors, and tracks each hair a full sixty times per second! No other hair transplant procedure offers this precise technique that delivers robust grafts without the potential for human error.

How Quickly Will Hair Loss Be Reversed?

The ARTAS Robotic System is so efficient that you will enjoy noticeably thicker hair within just six months, and your results will continue to improve over time. You can count on this reliable and permanent form of hair growth without the need for a lifetime of topical hair creams or medications. Dr. Bruce Landon at Landon Plastic Surgery is the most qualified professional in Tampa and Trinity, Florida to complete your ARTAS procedure. Call our Tampa Plastic Surgery practice at (813) 404-3380 to begin your initial consultation and restore your full head of hair!