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The Mommy Makeover Why?

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Now look back 20 years. Women used to have to wear discreet clothing to hide the changes to their body after child birth and pregnancy. Now-a-days women do not have to feel self-conscious or even resentful about their bodies and the loss of those wonderful curves they once had.

The Mommy makeover as it is called does require a certain number of surgical procedures like, a breast lift (with or without breast implants), a tummy tuck and liposuction intended to lift slackened skin and reduce the stretch marks caused after childbirth.

These are private choices made by women who want to feel better about themselves and get the look they once had. It is not meant to stigmatize childbirth and pregnancy as maladies in any way. Pregnancy affects all women in different and varying degrees with age and genetics also being a factor.

Many women who choose this procedure say “I just want my body back.” So many new advances in plastic surgery have evolved in the last 20 years that many of the risks have been reduced dramatically. As the body changes, so do the perceptions of how one should look.

Diet and exercise, while very important, may not always solve the changes that occur after having children and often women will experience shape changes and weight gain to their lower body that they just can’t fix on their own. Liposuction can remove some of that unwanted fat and it can be used in other areas to strengthen another type of procedure. A lower body lift which will help in tightening sagging skin around the hips, thighs and buttocks can also be an option.

The biggest concern after childbirth is the size and shape change of women’s breasts.  Not all women choose to breast feed, but that does not change the effects of the changes after childbirth. Most Mommy Makeovers consist of either a breast lift or breast augmentation, which either enhance or change the shape or size of the breasts.

Carrying a child for 9 months will have a profound effect on the stomach.  Although many women try to lose the weight naturally, or with diet and exercise, reduce the sagginess of that region, it does not always happen that way. Procedures like a tummy tuck and liposuction can help remove that sagginess and restore a more natural shape to the tummy area.

If you are happy with how you look after having children, then the Mommy Makeover is not the option to take. Being happy with yourself is what really matters. However if you want to turn the clock back and get a look as close to the one you had before pregnancy, then this procedure may be right for you. As always, consult with your doctor and your board certified plastic surgeon to find out everything regarding these procedures to see if this is the right option for you.

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