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Signs You May Need a Breast Reduction

Landon Plastic Surgery

Tampa Breast Reduction Surgery model wearing a pink braIf you have always lived with very large breasts, you may not be able to relate to the women around you who are eager to boost their bust size with breast augmentation. The truth is that breasts can be too big, and your large chest could be diminishing your quality of life more than you realize. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, it could be time for you to consider breast reduction surgery.

A Quick Introduction to Breast Reduction

It is obvious that a breast reduction makes your breasts smaller, but exactly how is that possible? During breast reduction surgery, your surgeon removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin. This helps you achieve a breast size that is proportionate with your body. Since glandular tissue and skin are removed in addition to excess breast fat, your breasts will look more attractive.

Physical Side Effects

Excess breast tissue is very heavy and makes it difficult to live an active lifestyle. Running, jumping, hiking, and other common activities are all near impossible with large breasts. That extra weight also leads to chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, which further diminishes quality of life.

In addition to chronic pain, the weight of large breasts can also lead to poor posture and even a hump on the back from continually slumping. It is even possible that the culmination of aches and pains caused by large breasts can result in headaches and migraines.

Emotional Side Effects

Most women with large breasts also feel self-conscious and struggle to find wardrobe options that support their bodies. You might avoid social situations that require you to wear tight shirts or bathing suits, and you may feel so self-conscious with your appearance that you don’t want any attention drawn to you for any reason.   

Breast reduction surgery eliminates all of those issues in one single procedure. With smaller breasts, you can participate in all of your favorite physical activities, live without pain, and buy clothes without stress and anxiety. At Landon Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Landon offers breast reduction surgery to patients seeking smaller breasts and a better life. Call (813) 404-3380 to schedule your Tampa Plastic Surgery consultation with Dr. Landon today.