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Unhappy with Your Cleft Chin? Here’s What to Do About It

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Tampa Dermal Filler model getting her cleft chin examined by a plastic surgeon.It wasn’t so long ago that Hollywood’s biggest icons like Kirk Douglas and Clark Gable were idolized for their cleft chins. Cleft chins were seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity. However, aesthetic trends have shifted and many now view cleft chins as a nuisance instead of an asset.

If you’re tired of your cleft chin and want to minimize the appearance of that bothersome Y-shaped dimple, here’s what you should do about it.

Why Do You Have a Cleft Chin?

A cleft chin forms in the womb for one of two reasons. It’s possible that your lower jaw didn’t fuse properly, which led to the indentation of your cleft. It’s also possible that the chin muscles on both sides of your cleft are further apart than normal, which has pulled the skin around the chin area and created your cleft.

Fill Your Cleft With a Dermal Filler

The easiest way to resolve your cleft chin involves the use of a dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm add volume into your chin dimple to raise the skin and bring it back into proportion with the rest of your chin. This creates a smooth appearance without any sign of your original cleft.

Timing is both the benefit and drawback of using a dermal filler. You will see your results instantly, but they will gradually disappear over the span of a year or two. However, it’s always possible to receive a simple follow-up injection to maintain your results.

Using Fat Grafting To Erase Your Cleft Chin

Fat grafting is a minimally invasive technique that harvests and purifies fat from your thighs, abdomen, or buttocks, then injects the fat into your cleft chin. The fat adds volume to smooth your chin dimple or indentation away. This is a more permanent solution than dermal fillers, though it also requires a more complex procedure.

Opt For Surgery

If you want more than an injection to banish your cleft chin, surgery could be the answer. A plastic surgeon can either modify your chin bone itself or address the placement of your chin muscles. Since the outcome of surgery is permanent, you never need to worry about taking steps to maintain your results each year.

Just be sure to use a qualified plastic surgeon for your procedure! At Landon Plastic Surgery in Tampa and Trinity, Florida, Dr. Landon has more than two decades of experience helping men and women enhance their bodies using innovative technologies. Call phonelink to schedule your Tampa Plastic Surgery consultation with Dr. Landon today.