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3 Face and Neck Procedures to Consider in 2017

Landon Plastic Surgery

Tampa facial cosmetics patient with eyebags close-upDo you have big plans for 2017? If you’re starting to notice unwanted signs of aging on your face and neck, then maybe your big plans are with a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial cosmetic procedures. Unlike major plastic surgery procedures that require extensive recovery periods, these face and neck treatments are simple yet effective, and you can utilize them in 2017 to look like it’s only 2010!

Face and Neck Lift

Droopy, saggy skin is one of the unwanted hallmarks of growing older. As gravity and loss of collagen cause your skin to lose its elasticity, your facial and neck skin may start to hang down instead of sitting taut and tight against your bone structure. A face lift and neck lift can solve this by removing excess skin to totally eliminate sagging. The eyes, cheekbones, and neck look dramatically improved after this lift procedure.


Another lesser known impact of aging is the dropping and heaviness of the eyelids. Loose, extra skin tends to hang over the upper lid, cause puffiness, and make the face look aged and tired. Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that removes excess skin and fat to improve the appearance of the eye and eyelids. Some patients undergo blepharoplasty as a singular procedures, while others combine it with a facelift or brow lift.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If your skin isn’t sagging, but it is marred by extensive photodamage from years spent lounging in the sun, laser skin resurfacing could be the best and most efficient way to reduce UV damage and improve the appearance of fine line and wrinkles on your face. Laser resurfacing essentially uses the laser’s heat to vaporize the upper, damaged layers of the skin in gradual increments until enough correction has occurred. After about one week, new, healthier skin forms to help you look vibrant. Contact our Tampa Plastic Surgery practice today for more information or call us at (813) 404-3380.