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Author Archives: Dr. Bruce Landon

How to Get the Best Tummy Tuck Results

The stomach is one of the most difficult areas on the body to tighten and tone naturally, especially after pregnancy, significant weight loss, and aging. If you want a slimmer stomach with attractive contours, but exercise and eating healthy just aren’t enough, a tummy tuck could be your ideal solution. Use the following tips to make sure you get the best tummy tuck results possible.

Wait Until You Achieve a Stable, Healthy Weight

Your tummy tuck is not a weight loss tool. It isn’t designed to help you lose weight, but rather to tighten and contour your stomach once you reach your ideal weight. In order to enjoy the best tummy tuck results possible, wait to undergo your procedure until you achieve a stable, healthy weight that you are committed to maintaining. This is important since gaining significant weight after your surgery will likely compromise your tummy tuck results. Continue Reading

Important Questions to Ask During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Just like buying a car or finding a new house, undergoing plastic surgery is a serious decision that requires preparation. The skills and expertise of your plastic surgeon will heavily influence the outcome of your surgery, so you need to use your consultation to ask all of the right questions. The following list of consultation… Continue Reading

Obsessed with Full Lips? These are the Best Fillers for Your Lips

If you love full lips, you know exactly which friends and celebrities have the plump pout that you wish you had. Thanks to innovations like the dermal filler Juvederm, you only need one cosmetic appointment to create the full lips of your dreams. Whether you only want a subtle lip enhancement or dramatic results, Juvederm… Continue Reading

Cheek Rejuvenation: Surgical and Non-surgical Approaches

Age-related facial volume loss is one of the most common complaints among women over the age of 30. If you look in the mirror and compare your cheeks now to the way they looked at 18, you’ll understand why. It’s all too common for the cheeks to suffer volume loss as a result of lost… Continue Reading

Unhappy with Your Cleft Chin? Here’s What to Do About It

It wasn’t so long ago that Hollywood’s biggest icons like Kirk Douglas and Clark Gable were idolized for their cleft chins. Cleft chins were seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity. However, aesthetic trends have shifted and many now view cleft chins as a nuisance instead of an asset. If you’re tired of your cleft… Continue Reading

What Men Need to Know about Gynecomastia

If you are one of the many men with excess breast tissue instead of a hard, contoured chest, you might feel frustrated and embarrassed by your appearance. This is especially true during the summer season, when beach trips and pool parties force you to take off your shirt for the world to see. You might… Continue Reading

How Long Should I Wait after Losing Weight to Have Body Contouring?

If you have been spending months or years focusing on achieving sustainable weight loss, you may have overlooked an important step that comes after shedding pounds: body contouring. Losing a significant amount of weight is an impressive accomplishment, but it leaves you with heavy, loose, excess folds of skin that need to be removed. Fortunately,… Continue Reading

How to Maintain Your Tummy Tuck Results

If you want a flat and toned stomach, a tummy tuck is the best way to get it. Just remember that a tummy tuck doesn’t make your abdomen invincible to changes and weight gain. It’s up to you to take the steps necessary to maintain your results year after year. Here’s what you need to… Continue Reading

4 Myths about Dermal Fillers Debunked

The Internet is filled with misinformation and myths, especially about cosmetic treatments. Does Botox freeze your face, or not? Will injectables really give you duck lips? You can’t make an informed decision about your cosmetic choices without the correct information at your fingertips, so it’s time to bust these 4 dermal fill myths. Myth #1:… Continue Reading


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