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RadiesseTampa, FL

A Volumizing Filler

Radiesse is a popular dermal filler that uses a simple injection to fill in and eliminate unwanted facial wrinkles and folds. In addition to its FDA approval for use on the face, with Radiesse Tampa area patients can now rejuvenate lost volume on the back of the hands.

Serving not one but three purposes, Radiesse sets itself apart from other dermal fillers on the market. Located in Tampa and Trinity, Florida, Landon Plastic Surgery offers premiere Radiesse services to help you look the way you feel inside.

Radiesse Eliminates Wrinkles and Folds

Radiesse is most well-known for its ability to add lost volume to the face. It does so using CaHA microspheres that are suspended in a gel carrier.

Once injected into the face, Radiesse immediately provides the facial volume that is commonly lost with age, thus eliminating unwanted signs of aging such as chin wrinkles, marionette lines, and smile lines. It only takes one treatment to see nearly immediate results as your face revitalizes itself and begins to look years younger. Wrinkles and fine lines will disappear as your face once again shows the volume and contours of your youth. We also offer treatments such as Botox, Juvederm, PRP, Kybella and more!

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Radiesse Promotes Naturally Healthy and Radiant Skin

In addition to the CaHA working to restore lost volume into your face, it also stimulates natural collagen production in your body. Collagen is a critical component to healthy skin, but its supply dwindles with age and leads to the wrinkles and lost volume that so many men and women dread. By boosting collagen supply, Radiesse actually helps your skin heal itself and remain strong to prevent future signs of aging. This quality makes Radiesse very desirable since the extra collagen production also helps results last longer. Our Tampa Radiesse patients couldn't be happier with their results.

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Radiesse Also Restores the Hands

The face may receive most attention when it comes to anti-aging, but Radiesse is also now FDA-approved for use of hand augmentation as well!

Also known as a “hand lift”, this treatment provides fuller, healthier-looking hands. It does so by restoring lost volume and reversing the bulges, boniness, and discoloration commonly associated with age. Results of a hand lift with Radiesse last about one year, and you can always return for another treatment.

Many women feel that their hands look much older than their true age, and now Radiesse provides a real solution. Radiesse has proven time and time again in clinical trials to equip the skin with the volume, structure, and renewed collagen production that it needs to maintain graceful and age-defying beauty.