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Breast Augmentation Tampa, FL

Breast augmentation is designed to enhance breast size.

When for personal reasons, the size is felt to be too small, to enhance the size and shape after pregnancy, and to improve differences in breast size.

Breast Implant Consultation

Your consultation is designed to understand your reasons for desiring augmentation and to ensure your expectations are realistic and attainable.

Dr. Bruce Landon is a board certified Tampa plastic surgeon that has performed thousands of breast enhancement procedures in his 25 years of surgical experience. It is Dr. Landon's goal to listen and understand your needs and help you determine if breast implants are in your best interest.

No two breast augmentation patients are alike, so we treat each individual on a case-by-case basis. The type of implant used for your augmentation is dependent upon your breast size and shape prior to surgery and you're desired shape after surgery.

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Choosing Breast Implants Involves Many Factors

Selecting the right type, shape, and size of breast implant is critically important to obtaining a great cosmetic result. To think of choosing breast implant size as simply making the existing breast bigger would be simplistic thinking. As a highly experienced Tampa breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Landon will prioritize your choices for an optimal result.

While there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the right breast implants for each patient, there is no need to feel overwhelmed by the number of options that are available.

Dr. Landon will make selecting the ideal breast implant and easy process by:

  1. Taking highly accurate computer-generated measurements.
  2. Using virtual augmentation images to understand your preference for postoperative size.
  3. Listening to your desires for outcome.
  4. A thorough examination of your existing breast tissue features.

During your breast augmentation Tampa plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Landon will always be a part of the process. Guided by Dr. Landon's 25 years of plastic surgery experience, you will together choose the breast implants that best fit your desired aesthetic outcome

Breast Implant Options at Landon Plastic Surgery

Many types of implants are currently available and will be discussed at length during your consultation.

Saline versus Silicone Implants

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of implants. A thorough understanding of the benefits and shortcomings of each of these respective products is critical in the decision-making process regarding the type of implant used. Saline implants are shipped empty from the manufacturer and are filled after the shell has been inserted which can be beneficial for certain incisions used for placement. In the unlikely event of an implant rupture or leak the saline solution of these products will be safely absorbed by the surrounding breast tissue.

Silicone implants are prefilled by the manufacturer which makes them more ideally suited for other access incisions. All new silicone products are gel-filled with a highly cohesive material that retains its shape and location of the material in the unlikely event of an implant leak or rupture. The principal advantage of silicone breast implant products are greater life expectancy in the body and a more natural breast-like feel of the breast and implant product together. Silicone implants will have a more natural aesthetic appearance in those individuals with little breast tissue prior to augmentation and this natural look in conjunction with the natural feel has more appeal when choosing saline versus silicone products.

Round versus Teardrop Breast Implants

Teardrop or anatomic implants have been currently removed from the market. If you currently have textured implants, please feel free to contact Landon plastic surgery to discuss the implant recall and your best options for future management.

All current FDA approved implantable breast implant products remain round at this time. It is important for the consumer to note that properly placed round implants will provide an esthetically natural look which is more dependent on the amount of breast tissue before initiating the process of enhancement. An added benefit of round implants as there is no need to worry if the implant turns or rotates inside of the breast pocket. Since they are a round product the breast will not appreciably change shape or appearance irrespective of the implant orientation. This is a normal process.

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Types of Incision

Implants, both saline and silicone can be placed through 3 principal routes of access, the nipple complex, the lower breast crease, through the armpit.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these routes of access and under most circumstances Dr. Landon advises using the inferior breast crease. It is generally accepted that placement through the inferior breast crease has the lowest incidence of breast encapsulation compared to the periareolar approach or the transaxillary approach. Dr. Landon and his nursing staff will advise all Tampa breast augmentation patients regarding the options for scar therapy to optimize long-term appearance.

Silicone Gel Consistency

Silicone gel breast implants now have additional options regarding gel consistency. We classify these gel implants as standard gel implants and cohesive implants. Although both implant types are truly cohesive, through a process of increased cross-linking the higher cohesive products are a less deformable gel. Dr. Landon will advise patients as to which product they are more ideally suited for. In brief, those individuals with very little breast tissue or as a consequence of multiple breast surgeries have thin breast skin envelopes with little underlying tissue, are most often better candidates for the more cohesive products for purposes of minimizing implant folding and visibility.

Above versus Below Muscle Implant Placement

Implants of both saline and silicone can be placed above or below the pectoralis major muscle.

Older indications for above muscle placement have mostly been replaced with modifications to below muscle placement. This is called a dual plane augmentation and allows Dr. Landon the benefits of below muscle placement when the patient is not ideally suited for that breast implant location. The principal benefits of submuscular placement are softening of the upper pole implant volume providing a more natural appearance, and to providing a lower risk of encapsulation or excessive scar tissue. Although below muscle placement will cause a little more discomfort and a slightly longer recuperation, the benefits of below muscle placement far outweigh the short-term discomfort.

What Makes a Good Breast Augmentation Candidate?

Dr. Landon meets with every breast augmentation candidate to learn more about them and determine if the procedure is a good fit. Generally good breast augmentation candidates are women who:

  • Have naturally small or asymmetrical breasts
  • Have lost breast volume after pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Have reasonable expectations for surgery and desire improvement not perfection
  • Do not smoke, or you can quit prior to surgery
  • Do not have any chronic, uncontrolled medical conditions
  • Have their own motivation for seeking surgery not under the influence of a second party
  • Understand the potential risks of surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgical Procedure

Incisions for breast implant placement include through the nipple, under the breast, or through the armpit. These access incisions will be discussed at length during your consultation.

Implants in our Tampa cosmetic surgery practice are preferably placed under the muscle and through the inframammary crease as this provides improved tissue coverage, improved longevity of the breast shape, and a lower incidence of encapsulation or breast hardness.

Your surgery will be performed in our AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities ) nationally certified outpatient facility. Breast augmentation is performed under a short general anesthesia. Routine breast augmentation is approximately 30-45 minutes in length.

Additional Reading

All wound closure is provided with an absorbable stitch material and waterproof dressings for early bathing and patient comfort. Postoperative support will consist of a soft bra placed at the time of surgery. Prescriptions for medications required in the postoperative period will be provided prior to your surgery to prevent any delay in availability after surgery.

Instructions will be provided by our office staff. The arrival time will be provided the day before surgery by our facility and will include general "do's and don'ts” for makeup, clothing wear, medications, and certain food groups and beverages. Some medications may need to be stopped, including herbal and vitamin supplements, and will be discussed at the time of her preoperative visit. All smoking should cease 4-6 weeks prior to your surgery to minimize wound healing complications and this will be discussed prior to surgery.

Woman in bathing suit with Breast Augmentation Tampa

The Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

Rest for the first 24 hours is highly recommended with assistance to provide for the needs of other household members. The medications prescribed will aid in controlling your comfort and the type of medication you receive may vary dependent upon your individual tolerance and allergy profile.

Similar to breast lift surgery, instructions will be provided for return to work and return to exercise usually at approximately 5-7 days and 6 weeks, respectively. Multiple follow-up visits and our office will be arranged, and patient's will be followed closely in the early postoperative period.

Scar maturation will be closely monitored as well as the normal settling of the implant product. Patient comfort addressed with each visit. Postoperative photographs are usually obtained at the 2-3 month mark when your implants settle into their final resting position. The risks of surgery will be outlined in detail, so fully informed decision on your part can be made with regards to your candidacy for surgery.