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What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, raises sagging breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.

Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show breast lifts have grown in popularity by 70% since 2000, outpacing breast implants 2-to-1.

Why Have a Breast Lift?

Mastopexy, also known as a breast lift is designed to lift the droopy breast as a result of advancing age, previous pregnancy, and after massive weight loss.

These lifestyle factors can leave once-full breasts looking empty and deflated. A breast lift helps to lift sagging breast tissue by removing excess loose skin on the breast and raising the nipple upward to a more natural position.

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Downward Nipples & Drooping Breasts

Breast ptosis or “droop” measures the nipple height in relation to the lower breast crease.

Once the nipple has migrated below the lower breast crease, improvements in breast shape and appearance usually require reshaping the skin envelope and relocation of the nipple to a more desirable level.

In some patients requesting breast augmentation, a breast lift may be required to centralize the nipple over the implant for an optimal appearance. The necessity for a breast lift will be discussed in detail at the time of your consultation.

What Is Involved?

When considering a Breast Lift Tampa patients should prioritize choosing the most appropriate technique to ensure the success of the procedure.

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Incision Pattern

Dr. Landon, Tampa Breast Lift specialist, selects the appropriate incision pattern based on factors such as the degree of breast ptosis, the existing breast size and shape, and the elasticity/quality of the patient’s skin.

He will discuss these choices with the patient during the pre-operative consultation, so they are informed of the approach he plans to take before undergoing the procedure. As with all breast reconstruction surgeries that Dr. Landon specializes in performing, he works together with each patient on a case-by-case basis so that they feel confident walking into surgery day.

Breast Lift Techniques

There are several different types of Mastopexy surgery that are tailored to the patient’s needs. Dr. Landon will make the breast lift incision in one of several possible patterns. This is largely based on the severity of breast sagging and skin laxity that is present. The goal is to choose a breast lift technique that will result in the least obvious breast lift scars over time, while still achieving the ideal amount of lift to meet the patient’s desired cosmetic outcome.

The Most Popular Breast Lift Incision Patterns

Doughnut Breast Lift Technique

Also known as the periareolar technique, the incision is made around the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) only. Excess breast skin is removed, and then the area around the nipple is carefully sutured, neatly following the natural line of the areola itself. The breast lift scars with the donut breast lift technique are minimal compared to other techniques; however, it is often best for mild to moderate breast sagging. In more severe cases, one of the other breast lift methods may be needed to produce the desired result.

Lollipop Breast Lift Technique

This is a popular breast implant technique. In this technique, the incision is placed around the areola and then vertically down to the crease of the breast, sometimes called the lollipop incision because the shape resembles a sucker Candy. Unlike an anchor breast lift, there is no scar along the underside of the breast. With this method, a beautiful lifting is achieved without excess scarring, however more time post operatively is required to achieve final shape.

Anchor Breast Lift Technique

This breast lift technique has been around for many years. The incision is placed around the areola, down to the mid breast crease and horizontally along the breast crease. This is called the anchor incision because of the resemblance to a boat anchor. While the lollipop mastopexy technique is becoming more popular, the anchor breast lift is the gold standard that is still popular today. Advantages to the anchor technique are improved shape immediately after surgery.

Breast Lift Surgical Technique

Through the surgical incisions for a breast lift Tampa specialist Dr. Landon lifts and reshapes the underlying breast tissue to move the breast mound higher up on the chest wall. He also repositions the nipple and areola higher on the breast mound so that it is in a more natural, youthful position, and he may reduce the size of excessively large areolas if necessary. Dr. Landon removes excess skin and tightens the remaining skin more firmly over the relocated breast mound.

Dr. Landon has extensive experience in breast reconstruction as a board-certified Tampa plastic surgeon. He never rushes the surgical process and takes considerable care and attention to detail to ensure the patient is satisfied by the final Breast Lift before and after results. You are in good hands with the team of RN’s at Landon Plastic Surgery that assists in our private, state-of-the-art operating theatre — all of whom are ACLS certified with a combined hospital experience of 60 years.

Optional Placement of Breast Implants

You may choose to have a breast lift with implants if desired.

In addition to the lift component of the procedure, which corrects excess skin and breast drooping, some of Dr. Landon's Tampa breast lift patients desire added breast volume to fill empty breasts. This is especially useful after a woman has finished breastfeeding or if she has reached a mature age when the breast tissue is not as full and supple as it once was in earlier years. In these cases, Dr. Landon can place saline or silicone breast implants to enhance breast size, shape, and fullness. This can be easily incorporated into the breast lift operation and provide beautiful, natural-looking results. Learn more about breast implants in Tampa.

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Breast Lift Surgical Procedure

On the day of your plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Landon first marks the breasts while the patient is in a sitting position.

The markings indicate where the incisions will be placed as well as the areas of skin that are to be removed during the breast lift procedure. The marking process is important to perform while the patient is alert and upright because of the effects of gravity. The breasts must be marked while the patient is sitting upright since the breasts will shift due to gravity once the patient is laying down on the operating table.

These markings will determine the new nipple height, as well as the amount of skin and excess breast tissue to be removed. During surgery, the breast skin and fat are separated from the central breast tissue. This allows the elevation of the breast to a more desirable level. In some cases, a small implant is used to improve breast shape and to complement the lift if the patient desires it. Absorbable stitches are used to complete the closure, and waterproof dressings are applied to allow for immediate bathing after breast lift surgery. Every effort is made to correct or improve asymmetry that may exist preoperatively. A support bra is placed in the operating room prior to waking.

Recovery After Breast Lift

You will wake in our comfortable private recovery room attended by a dedicated ACLS-accredited nurse at your side until you are ready to go home. It is normal to feel groggy after the procedure. It may take up to 12-24 hours for the effects of anesthesia to wear off fully. All patients must have a ride home from either a friend or family member since driving is not possible within 24 hours of general anesthesia. A regular diet and bathing are allowed immediately due to the type of dressings that Dr. Landon uses for his breast lift patients. Follow-up is arranged within 24 hours to assess the health of the skin and nipple. At this time, dressings are changed.

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Breast Lift Pain & Breast Lift Downtime

Pain is controlled with narcotics and medication is provided for postoperative nausea as necessary. Nipple sensitivity is retained in over 95% of patients and breastfeeding ability is usually retained.

Follow-up visits are weekly for approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Return to work is variable, depending upon whether implants are placed or not. Just like breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery, return to work is typically within 1 week and return to exercise at approximately 6 weeks. Settling is expected in all patients.

Breast scars and scar therapy are discussed in detail during the consultation. Dr. Landon makes every effort to answer all your questions during the consultation process so you know what to expect after the procedure. This makes breast lift recovery much easier for patients that undergo the procedure.