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Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is designed to remove the extra skin and fat of the lower abdominal wall and provide access for tightening the abdominal wall musculature.

Tampa tummy tuck candidates include young patients with laxity after pregnancy, those with persistent rolls of the abdominal wall, despite diligence with exercise, weight loss, and good nutrition, and older patients with laxity of the abdominal wall.

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction

While a tummy tuck removes some fat that is attached to the excess skin that is removed, it is no substitute for weight loss, dieting, or exercise. Abdominoplasty also differs from liposuction principally by the open nature of the procedure.

Abdominoplasty also differs from liposuction, principally by the open nature of the procedure. A tummy tuck addresses the need for the removal of excess abdominal skin and the ability to correct separated abdominal muscles (a common occurrence after pregnancy or major weight loss).

A tummy tuck with liposuction offers two benefits by removing loose skin and helping to refine small to moderate pockets of fat, leaving the patient with a smooth, flat abdominal area, free of extra hanging skin that is holding them back in life. Similar to a tummy tuck, liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure; However, liposuction is considered a permanent fat reduction surgery in that it removes small unwanted areas of fat for better refinement of the abdominal contours.

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What Makes a Good Tummy Tuck Candidate?

Dr. Landon meets with every tummy tuck Tampa patient to learn more about them and determine if the procedure is a good fit. Generally, good Tampa tummy tuck candidates are men or women that:

  • Have excess skin on the abdomen and/or hips that they wish to have removed
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Are close to their target weight
  • Do not smoke (or can quit at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to and after the surgery)
  • Have reasonable expectations of surgery; desire improvement and not perfection
  • Are motivated to seek surgery for personal reasons (i.e., not under the influence of anyone else)
  • Understand the (rare) risks of surgery
  • Do not have any chronic, uncontrolled medical conditions that would make performing surgery unsafe
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Tummy Tuck Techniques

There are many different types of tummy tucks that your surgeon can perform.

Dr. Landon is well versed in the latest techniques and methods. His tummy tuck procedure is fully customized to you, the patient, ensuring a result that is compatible with your cosmetic expectations.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck, sometimes called a “skin only tummy tuck”, a mini-abdominoplasty removes loose skin on the lower abdomen alone. The upper abdomen is not touched. It is very popular among women that have had a past pregnancy, particularly those that had a c-section birth, which often leaves a flap of hanging skin on the lower part of the abdomen, along with a c-section scar. Dr. Landon removes the excess lower abdominal skin. It is among the least extensive tummy tuck techniques available today. If you have loose skin only on the lower abdomen, this may be the right procedure for you.

Full Tummy Tuck

A standard abdominoplasty procedure is beneficial for a wide variety of tummy tuck patients. Many men and women are suitable for the procedure if they wish to remove both upper and lower extra skin on the abdominal area. A full tummy tuck may also include separated ab muscle repair for stretched or torn surface abdominals. Liposuction may be added to the procedure for an additional fee to further sculpt and shape the torso.

Extended Tummy Tuck

An extended tummy tuck has a longer incision than a standard tummy tuck. This procedure is best for patients that have loose skin extending beyond the lower abdomen and involving the lateral hips and flanks. The extended nature of this incision allows Dr. Landon to provide improved contour not obtainable with a traditional tummy tuck incision. The extended tummy tuck provides an attractive result to rejuvenate the lower abdomen and hip and flank simultaneously.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

Surgery times vary between 2 to 3 hours. The time spent in the operating room can vary, however, depending on exactly what is done during the procedure. For example, there is often the need for some liposuction with the abdominoplasty to smooth out the contours of the flank and upper abdominal wall. Abdominal muscle separation may also be correct by plicating (stitching) the loose ab muscles back together.

General anesthesia is required. Incisions vary from patient to patient with regards to the height of the incision and are adapted to bathing suit wear and patient preference. Dr. Landon takes care to mark the incisions carefully and place them in such a way that they are as inconspicuous as possible when the patient is wearing clothing. All absorbable stitch material is used and waterproof dressings are applied for the ease of postoperative hygiene.

Are Drains Needed?

Drains are placed on a case-by-case basis. A drain to remove fluid for a period of 5 to 7 days is required and removed in the office during routine follow-up. The surgical drains are put in place while the patient is still under sedation from the general anesthesia, so there is no undue discomfort from this portion of the procedure. Drains help remove excess fluid from the wound site. You may be asked to measure and record the fluid output. Dr. Landon or his ACLS-certified medical staff will walk you through the simple steps needed to do so.

A Tampa Tummy Tuck Surgeon You Can Trust

Dr. Bruce Landon is a board-certified plastic surgeon that has been practicing Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Tampa for 25 years.

He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and then completed six years of surgical training along with two years of specialty training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at U.C. San Diego. He went on to become the founder of Landon Plastic Surgery catering to men and women that desire the highest quality plastic surgery procedures that Tampa has to offer. To book your private tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Landon, call us at 813-829-1901 or contact us online.

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