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As cosmetic enhancement techniques become more advanced, one form of facial rejuvenation is gaining incredible popularity for its completely safe and natural results: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP.)


Along with his team at Landon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Landon is extensively trained in all aspects of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, including the use of PRP as a natural anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment. If you live in the Tampa or Trinity area, Landon Plastic Surgery is your local expert for cosmetic enhancements using PRP.


Explaining PRP

The blood consists of platelets which are best known for their role in clotting bleeding. These platelets contain proteins and growth factors that also support the body to produce three elements critically responsible for the overall health of your skin: collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. Without those three elements, the skin becomes dry, wrinkled, and discolored.
PRP is purely a collection of plasma with a higher platelet content than normally found in the body. For this reason, injecting PRP into the face stimulates the body to repair and restore tissues using nothing but your body’s very own natural processes.


Benefits of a PRP Injection

PRP provides incredible results in a completely organic manner. A PRP injection heals your skin from the inside out by using your own platelets to create fresh supplies of collagen. This boost of collagen activates your cells to heal the skin’s tissue, mend acne scars, soften blemishes, and heal sun damaged skin.


As the PRP generates more collagen in your skin, the effects will be natural and subtle. From improved skin tone and reduced wrinkles to a more radiant appearance overall, you’ll simply look the best you ever have.


The PRP Injection Process

As long as you can endure someone taking your blood, then PRP is a very simple process. Your drawn blood is put through a centrifuge that increases the number of platelets in the blood plasma. After applying numbing cream to your face, a doctor will inject the PRP into any targeted problem areas.


Such a dramatic rejuvenation process actually only takes about 20 minutes. The results appear subtly over a three to five week period and have been proven to last as long as 18 months. This innovative procedure is an incredible choice for cosmetic enhancement since it naturally triggers your body’s response to repair and revitalize your skin.


Contact Landon Plastic Surgery today to learn more about how PRP can transform your skin and help you look years younger. (727) 376-3999 in Trinity and (813) 404-3380 in Tampa.


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