Finding Your Perfect Implant Size

breast implant size

Every year, many women give themselves the gift of a breast augmentation, and many find themselves wondering if they should have been less conservative and opted for a bigger size. There’s no doubt about it, selecting the exact size of your implants is a challenging task; you can’t exactly use a dressing room to try them on for size like you do when shopping for jeans. According to experts, there are four main reasons that women stop themselves from getting the larger implants they really want. If you fall into any of these categories, you can realize that going with your true wishes will make you very satisfied with your choice after surgery.

Don’t Hold Back to Remain Subtle

Some women worry that choosing a bigger size will make them look fake, but that is very far from the truth. Any certified and experienced plastic surgeon knows exactly how to use a woman’ desired size to look natural and proportional. If you opt for that larger size, chances are that the people closest to you will sense a difference but wonder if it’s a new haircut, new outfit, or lost weight instead. They’ll just know you look happier and healthier!

Don’t Select Implant Size By Looking At the Wrong “After” Photos

It’s very easy to find pictures online that detail what breasts look like before and after surgery, but it’s vital for size purposes that you look at pictures taken after the implants have settled. In the first few months after surgery, implants are still pressed high like they would be with a push up bra, and this tends to make them look bigger than they actually are once they settle around two or three months after surgery. By looking at the “final product” fully settled, you can get a more accurate representation of what a certain size implant might look like on your body. This will help you avoid going too small.

Remember It’s Not As Simple As Selecting a Cup Size

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding implant sizing is that you can simply say, “I’d like to be a full D.” The truth is, implants can’t be selected by cup size, for many reasons. It’s all about proportion. A slim five foot two inch woman may only need a B cup to achieve the desired “filled out” look, while a woman approaching six feet tall will likely need a D cup. There is also the matter of breast tissue and volume, which impact how much implant is really needed to fill the breast cavity.  This is why you will find that implants are measured in cubic centimeters (ccs), and 400 cc implants on one woman might equate to 700 cc implants on another woman. Your plastic surgeon is the best person to guide you on this matter!

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