Breast Enhancement Can Reverse Postpartum Breast Changes

44134667 - silicone breast implant for breast augmentation in plastic surgeryThere are many changes in a woman’s life that could inspire her to pursue breast augmentation, especially having a baby. As much as pregnancy famously inflates breast size, childbirth and breastfeeding diminishes that size even more.


Humorous blogger Jordan Reid perfectly summarized this on her page “Ramshackle Ham”: “I expected by breasts to change after breasts to change after breastfeeding two children, but I didn’t expect them to change quite as much as they did. Going from a C to a G to a god-knows-what-I-was-when-my-milk-came-in and back down to a B twice in three years apparently does a bit of a number on you, and when everything finally “settled,” as it were, it settled down (…ha?).”


Reid says exactly what so many other women think- that the way your body feels after pregnancy can be discouraging and confusing. “They barely even felt like mine. I had no sense of them as part of my body, and certainly didn’t connect them to my sense of sexual identity.” This is a common issue that so many new moms face, and breast augmentation is often the best solution.


Breasts shrink after breastfeeding because the fullness caused by incoming milk is no longer there. As that volume diminishes, the skin of the breasts appears saggy because the ligaments stretched during pregnancy and nursing. Your smaller, post-pregnancy breasts may very likely be deflated, saggy, and stretched. This is why so many moms choose breast enhancement surgery to lift the breasts and augment them back to perkiness.


Breast enhancement can occur in the form of a breast lift, which raises the breasts by removing the excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour, breast implants, which increase breast size, or both. Each new mom will have a different vision of what will help her feel more connected to and comfortable with her breasts.

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