Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is a combination of treatments intended to address the physical changes caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding — generally in the breasts and abdomen. The typical mommy makeover treatment plan includes breast augmentation and/or breast lift in Tampa, combined with tummy tuck surgery. The objective of mommy makeover treatment is to restore the patient’s pre-baby physique, thereby improving her overall confidence and self-esteem.

Mommy Makeover Candidates

The ideal mommy makeover candidate is in good physical and psychological health, and does not have any chronic medical condition that could increase the surgical risks. Candidates should have reasonable expectations of the operation’s outcome, and understand the associated (rare) risks.

Tampa and Port Richey Mommy makeover candidates should also carefully consider the timing of their surgery. It’s best for a woman to postpone her treatment until she is finished having children. Future pregnancies (or significant weight gain) can reverse mommy makeover results.

Dr. Landon evaluates every mommy makeover candidate on a case-by-case basis. During a surgical consultation, he will examine the areas of the body that need surgical correction, and put together a personalized plan of treatment for the patient.

What Does Mommy Makeover Entail

Mommy makeover treatment plans typically include breast enhancement and tummy tuck; the plan may also include fat removal in other areas of the body (e.g., the hips, thighs, back or arms). Mommy makeover is completely tailored to the individual patient’s needs and goals.

Tummy tuck corrects the most common changes in the abdomen after pregnancy: unwanted fat, lax skin and separated abdominal muscles. The plastic surgeon makes a horizontal incision right above the pubic area from hipbone to hipbone. Through the incision, he removes excess fat and skin and repairs the abdominal muscles. He may make an additional incision around the navel and relocate it higher on the abdomen. Dr. Landon will drape the skin more tightly over the abdomen and stitch it into place.

Some candidates are more suited toward a modified version of tummy tuck known as “mini tummy tuck.” Mini tummy tuck is best for women who require a smaller degree of correction. The procedure targets only the area below the belly button, and does not address separated or weakened abdominal muscles.

On the other hand, certain mommy makeover candidates require more comprehensive correction than standard tummy tuck provides. In these cases, Dr. Landon may recommend extended tummy tuck for more dramatic results.

Breast enhancement addresses breasts that have lost volume and/or their perky position after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Landon can add shape and volume to small or “deflated” breasts with the placement of saline or silicone breast implants. He can also reposition saggy, drooping breasts higher on the chest through breast lift. Not every patient requires both procedures — Dr. Landon will recommend the combination only if he feels it would provide the most optimal cosmetic outcome.

Some mommy makeover treatment plans include fat removal in other areas of the body. Dr. Landon will use liposuction techniques to improve the shape of the hips, thighs, back and/or arms, depending on the patient’s cosmetic goals.

Recovering from Mommy Makeover

Every woman heals differently and should listen to her own body as she recovers from surgery. Post-operative bruising and swelling are common side effects during the first week or so of recovery; they will subside quickly after that. Dr. Landon will prescribe oral pain medication to ease any discomfort.

The first few days of recovery are the toughest. Mommy makeover patients must rest and avoid any strenuous movement or heavy lifting (including lifting children) as the body heals. It’s crucial to recruit a spouse or family member that can assist with household chores and childcare during the recovery period.

Dr. Landon will follow up with his mommy makeover patients within a day or two of surgery and regularly after that. He will also advise each patient when it is safe to return to work, exercise and other normal activities.

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