Face & Neck Lift

Face lifts and neck lifts are designed to re-suspend the long-term effects, which gravity, advancing age, and the loss of skin elasticity have caused over the years. Dr. Landon is excellent at using your own skin to improve the look around your eyes, cheek bones and neck with his signature face and neck lift procedures.

A face lift does not affect the upper or lower eyelids, brow or improve the lines around the mouth or chin. These areas can be improved with additional procedures such as brow lift or eyelid surgery, which often times will be performed in conjunction with the primary facelift. Your consultation is designed to determine the necessity for these additional procedures, if so desired.

The consultation with Dr. Landon will focus on those areas of interest and planning a surgical strategy for your unique approach. Patients will be educated about additional procedures, which may be provided at the time of the primary facelift, or whether staged management may be necessary.

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Surgical Procedure

Facelift surgery takes approximately 3-1/2 to 4 hours with either a general or local anesthesia with sedation. Your surgery is provided in our on-site, nationally certified outpatient facility. Incisions for the facelift vary with the individual and are highly dependent upon the hairstyle, length of hair, beard growth in the male and the amount of excess skin to be removed. Every effort is made to hide the surgical scars, such that visibility is minimal and allows the hair to be worn in the up or down position with comfort and confidence. Patients typically spend 1 hour in the recovery room before discharge from the facility. Medications are provided in advance for pain, nausea, and antibiotic prophylaxis. All visible stitches are removed at 1 week, and all surgical dressings are removed in 24 hours. Patients may shower the day after surgery and hair washing is advised.


Facelift Recovery

Facelift recuperation is swift, after the initial 72-hour immediate perioperative period. Swelling is usually modest. Patients will leave the office with a head dressing in place, which is removed by the physician on the first postoperative day. Lubricant placed in the eyes during the surgery will make watching television and reading difficult. We advise patients not to read or watch television in the early postoperative period. Sleeping in a recliner is preferable; however, sleeping in a bed with extra pillows is acceptable. Follow-up will be frequent until activity is nearly back to normal. Return to work is typically 1 to 2 weeks and return to exercise is approximately 6 weeks with regards to strenuous aerobic activity. Patients may walk for exercise starting a few days after plastic surgery in Tampa.

Free Consultation Request

Dr. Landon always takes the time to listen and address any concerns about the procedure you're interested in. Schedule your free, personal consultation with Dr. Landon today and experience the difference in care.




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