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Landon Plastic Surgery now serves the Clearwater, Florida area with comprehensive cosmetic surgery services.  From skin care and breast procedures to body contouring treatments, Landon Plastic Surgery offers it all.


Defining Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery serves as a major foundation of plastic surgery and is performed to resolve abnormalities on the body like developmental irregularities, congenital defects, and the effects of physical trauma. Reconstructive surgery is so important because it not only reverses any visual anomalies, but it also restores function to injured body parts.

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, developed with the demand for procedures that maintain and improve an otherwise healthy body in a very specific way. Men and women want to refine certain troublesome areas, strip away signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin, and maintain a vibrant and youthful appearance. Cosmetic surgery makes those goals a reality.


Dr. Landon is board certified in both reconstruction and cosmetic surgery and now confines his practice to cosmetic surgery only.


Healing and Enhancing the Body

One of Dr. Bruce Landon’s specialties in the Clearwater area is breast procedures. Breast augmentation, reduction, and lift surgeries are all done with extreme care and expertise at Landon Plastic Surgery.  Some women crave enhanced breasts after pregnancy or weight loss, while other women need breast reductions to alleviate back pain and other medical problems.

The team at Landon Plastic Surgery also offers a variety of body procedures that contour, enhance, and reduce selected areas like the arms, thighs, and stomach. An arm lift, for example, can tighten loose upper arm skin that occurs with age or dramatic weight loss. Liposuction is also a popular procedure to reduce fat using minimal incisions. Dr. Landon always utilizes the best technology available to complete these procedures with maximum efficiency and optimal results.

Facial enhancements and surgeries are also available with Landon Plastic Surgery in Clearwater, Florida. Surgeries include face and neck lifts, chin augmentation, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and ear pinning. Non-surgical, non-invasive options are also offered, including injectable dermal fillers and laser resurfacing. These techniques diminish signs of aging by eliminating wrinkles, boosting collagen production, and supporting the skin with renewed volume. All of these procedures offer an enhanced appearance for patients with a specific aesthetic goal in mind.


About Dr. Bruce Landon and His Team

As the medical director of Landon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bruce Landon, MD offers 18 years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the Tampa, Florida area. Dr. Landon is Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and extensively trained, promising his patients a strict standard of excellence in all of his procedures.  Dr. Landon works closely with his patients to customize the best plan for each individual, from surgery to recovery and beyond.

At Landon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Landon and his team constantly strive to exceed expectations, utilize proven technology and techniques, and provide high quality services for an experience to remember.



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