Four things You Should Know about a Breast Lift

breast augmentation

Female breasts receive a great deal of attention for a number of reasons. They are not only sources of complete nutrition for babies and symbols of sensuality, but they are also targeted by cancer and disease. With so much emphasis placed on the breasts, it’s no wonder that so many women are eager to enhance and improve their own breasts. Some women seek implants, others want to reduce their breast size, and some simply want to lift the breasts they already have. If you’re curious yourself about the implications of a breast lift, look no further to have all of your questions answered.

Major Breast Lift Benefits

The breast lift procedure is perfect for women who are happy with their natural breast size, but simply want to eliminate sagging and low nipple position. After a breast lift, the breast will be reshaped so that everything including the nipple sits higher on the chest. The breast won’t look smaller, it will just have a different, more youthful shape, including a bit more tightness and fullness behind the nipple.


Choosing a Lift In Conjunction With Implants

Many women choose to receive implants along with a breast lift. This happens for a few reasons. First, a breast lift cannot reliably and permanently create more fullness in the upper breast, nor can it completely tighten loose skin that has formed over the years. Implants are really the only way to fill deflated breasts. On the other hand, many women originally seeking implants decide to also undergo a breast lift simultaneously since implants make breasts bigger without lifting them at all. The combination of both procedures is very popular since it provides the best of both worlds.


The Effects on Pregnancy and Nursing

It’s a common misconception that a woman will not be able to nurse her children after receiving breast surgery. Breastfeeding is still completely possible after a breast lift because the breast retains all of its natural abilities, simply in a different form. Some women even have success nursing after breast augmentation, though production isn’t always as extensive as it would have been normally.

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