It’s Time to Bust these Breast Augmentation Myths

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries for women across all backgrounds, since the procedure allows women to embrace their sexuality and feel more confident. However, many of the “facts” surrounding breast augmentation surgery are actually nothing but myths that give potential clients the wrong idea. Let’s bust those myths now so that you can appreciate the true reality of breast enhancement.


Myth 1: Your Breasts Will Look Perfect Right Away

A breast augmentation is a significant surgery that requires cutting into your skin, possibly under your muscle, to help you enhance the appearance of your chest. Since that’s no small feat, the results don’t occur instantaneously. As the matter of fact, during surgery your muscles will automatically react by tightening up, and this will lead your implants to look much higher and swollen on your chest immediately after post-op. It takes a few weeks or months for most women to see their new breasts settle into their natural position. Of course, the scar tissue will also take a while to heal, but with the right type of surgery and a talented plastic surgeon, the scarring won’t be visible to anyone but you.


Myth 2: Implants Last Forever

Maybe permanent implants are on the horizon of future medical achievements, but right now implants are recommended to be replaced every 10 or 15 years. This isn’t a requirement, only a recommendation to avoid any potential ruptures, and many women choose to keep their implants as long as they can. However, this is important to note and understand so that you don’t head into your breast augmentation surgery with the impression that it’s the only procedure you’ll need done for the rest of your life.


Myth 3: All Breast Implants Are Enormous

The Pamela Andersons of the world have given many people the wrong idea about breast implants. Sure, you can ask for a triple J implant, but most women opt for a subtle change in size, such as from a large B to a small D cup. The journalist and author Grace Gold, who wrote The Boob Job Bible, underwent an augmentation a few years ago and reported in her book that most of her close friends and family members don’t even know she had the surgery! Gold’s clothes simply fit better and she enjoys more confidence knowing she can embrace the appearance she’s always desired.


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