Natural and Gradual Anti-Aging

Within the last decade, dermal fillers have become a favorite cosmetic enhancement tool around the country because they quickly, safely, and efficiently restore youth and contour to skin while banishing signs of aging. There are many dermal filler options, and each works a bit differently than the next. Sculptra is one of the newest on the market that offers a new way to consider anti-aging. This facial injectable works gradually in a series of treatments to achieve a subtly youthful appearance that can last more than two years.

Dr. Landon and his team at Landon Plastic Surgery understand the want and need for healthy, youthful skin, which is why they offer a variety of dermal filler services including Sculptra. With locations in Tampa and Trinity, Florida, Landon Plastic Surgery offers local and customized Sculptra treatments for anybody seeking an ageless appearance.

Using Sculptra For Younger Skin


Sculptra is a liquid solution injected into the face, just like Juvederm, Radiesse, and other fillers. But rather than providing immediate results that run the risk of looking unnatural, Sculptra works by gradually and subtly adding volume to the face to eliminate signs of aging. It brands itself as a long lasting solution rather than an overnight miracle.

This modern anti-aging technique can restore lost cheek volume and soften harsh cheekbones, fill folds that run from the mouth to nose, and contour the jawline. As extra volume develops, it fills in wrinkles to achieve smooth skin. Sculptra works gradually so that the results look completely natural.

The Science of Sculptra


Sculptra is a synthetic of lactic acid that is known as PLLA. Lactic acid is naturally formed by the body’s muscles after exercise, and Sculptra simply utilizes this element of body chemistry by stringing molecules of lactic acid together to form PLLA. The PLLA replaces lost collagen, which is critical to healthy, self-sustaining skin.

Rather than using one injection, Sculptra involves three injections over the period of a few months. Each injection reinforce the skin’s structure to replace lost collagen for naturally full facial volume and smooth skin.

How Long Does Sculptra Last?


Since Sculptra’s motto is that anti-aging should occur naturally in a gradual process, it helps rejuvenate the skin over the span of a few months. When clinical trials ended at 25 months of use, many patients still exhibited visible results. The gradual nature of Sculptra allows for a more refined healing process that leads to younger looking skin more than two years after the injections.


This product is the anti-aging answer that you have been waiting for! Just ask the Landon Plastic Surgery professionals how you can begin your journey to youthful skin.



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