Brow Lift

A natural feature of aging is the progressive drooping of the brow. Brow lifts are designed to re-suspend or elevate the brow and improve hooding or closure of the outer aspect of the upper lid. Most often, brow lifting is done in conjunction with upper eyelid surgery, to restore a more natural youthful contour without a surgical appearance. Aging of the tissue around the eye is not isolated to the eyelid skin alone. Gravity and loss of skin elasticity affect the brow position to the same degree as the eyelid skin. Rejuvenation of the upper eyelid most often involves correction of the brow position, and it may be performed alone or with the upper eyelid in conjunction with other facial procedures such as facelift surgery in Tampa.

Surgical Procedure


In our practice, 95% of brow lifts are performed endoscopically. The remaining 5% usually involve an open frontal hairline approach for women with excessive hair recession. The open frontal approach minimizes further elongation of the aging forehead. The endoscopic approach is a camera-assisted procedure with access to the brow through three scalp incisions behind the hairline avoiding any visible signs of surgery on the forehead. Surgery time is approximately 1 hour, under general anesthesia or local with sedation. Botox administration is often used in conjunction with the procedure to minimize muscle activity during the postoperative period. This approach gives us the opportunity to weaken some of the muscles responsible for forehead lines.

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Browlift Recovery


The recovery period should last approximately 4 to 7 days during which we encourage minimal activity. Showering is acceptable after 24 hours, and head elevation is encouraged during the recuperation period. Swelling of the upper and lower lid is common and cool compresses are suggested for comfort and swelling relief. No heavy aerobic activity for 3 to 4 weeks and a full recovery is expected by the 3 to 4 week mark.

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