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Just as dermal fillers are the ultimate anti-aging solution on the midface and Botulinum Toxin has no rival for treatment in the forehead area, NovaThreads now offers an uncontested solution for aging and sagging in the neck and jaw. This simple, painless, non-surgical procedure restores the “V-shape” that defines a beautiful and healthy face by strategically placing resorbable PDO threads under the skin. As NovaThreads specialist, Landon Plastic Surgery offers this cutting edge treatment to men and women in the Tampa and Trinity areas who want to look and feel younger without going under the knife.  

An Innovative Non-Surgical Procedure

The NovaThreads procedure uses resorbable polydioxanone (PDO) threads, the same type utilized in biomedical applications like cardiothoracic surgery. These PDO threads are fully absorbed by the body over the span of four to six months, so they are safe to place under the skin without any fear of complications. During a NovaThreads procedure, a pre-loaded needle is inserted in the skin at the subdermal level, the thread is placed, and the needle is quickly removed. As a foreign body within the skin, each PDO thread stimulates collagen production that lifts and tightens the skin without creating any scar tissue. Even after the NovaThreads are absorbed into the body, the youthful skin structure they helped to create holds for up to a year or more.

Two Treatment Options: Nu-Mesh and Nu-Lift

The Nu-Mesh and Nu-Lift techniques each use NovaThreads in a specific way to target unwanted signs of aging.

The Nu-Mesh technique is best for improvements to the lips, neck, and cheeks, because it creates a “mesh” of threads under the skin. A few days after treatment, the skin reacts to the threads by producing extra collagen. This allows wrinkles to smooth out, skin to gain more elasticity, and pores to narrow. Within two to three months of the Nu-Mesh procedure, maximum collagen production is achieved, and the skin tissue continues to become enhanced over a period of four to six months. At that point, the PDO threads are absorbed into the body and the final treatment result lasts 9-12 months, based on age and metabolism.

The Nu-Lift technique, meanwhile, focuses on repositioning the skin in order to provide an instant, non-surgical lift effect. In this treatment, the PDO threads act as hooks that allow the skin to be gently pulled in a certain direction to create a youthful lift that restores the “V-shape” of the face. At the same time, the presence of the threads triggers collagen production that further enhances the quality of the skin and builds skin structures that help the results remain in place long after the threads have disappeared.

Long-Lasting Results

NovaThreads is a virtually painless and non-surgical treatment that can be completed in just one office visit without any anesthesia or recovery time. Now known as “the lunch hour face and neck lift,” NovaThreads offers an impressive array of benefits without any of the downsides of standard surgery. By working with Landon Plastic Surgery for your NovaThreads, you can do anything from lifting the skin, reducing nasolabial and marionette lines, and contouring the jawline to minimizing roundness in the face, diminishing submental fullness, augmenting the lips, and removing wrinkles on the neck. Many patients even opt to receive fillers or Botox with their NovaThreads treatment in order to maximize their results.

Free Consultation Request

Dr. Landon always takes the time to listen and address any concerns about the procedure you’re interested in. Schedule your free, personal consultation with Dr. Landon today and experience the difference in care.



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